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II Safety and Health Committees

  • Scope.
  • Safety and Health Committees Responsibilities.
  • Guidelines for Establishing the Committee.
  • The Safety & Health Committee Duties.

To ensure that the University Safety and Health Committee structure provides management and non-management involvement in the on-going responsibility of providing a safe work environment.  The committee will establish annual goals and objectives.  The goals/objectives will be measured using reports and records.

Safety and Health Committees Responsibilities

The Safety and Health Committee will perform workplace inspections, review injury and illness records, make advisory recommendations to the chancellor and perform functions determined by the state personnel commission to be necessary for the effective implementation of the State Employee Workplace Requirement Program for Safety and Health.  The two safety Committees are structured to ensure employee involvement at all levels.

Guidelines for Establishing the Committee:
  1. There must be multi-layered safety and health committees, a senior management-level that is responsible for FSU policy wide issues and one or more other committees that perform committee duties.
  2. The number of management representatives will not exceed the number of employee representatives.  The terms of each representative will be staggered to maintain the continuity of the committee.  The non-supervisory employee representatives will be referred to as the Safety and Health Representative.  The committee shall consist of one (1) employee for every one hundred (100) employees, up to a maximum of six employee Safety and Health Representatives.
  3. The University Safety Director serves as ex-officio member with voting rights on the committee(s).
  4. Secretarial services are to be provided to the chairperson to allow him/her effectively discharge the duties of the chair.
  5. The University will permit members of the committee to take time from work to exercise the duties of the committee without suffering any loss of pay or benefits for the time spent on duties of the committee.  If necessary, the University may need to modify employee's normal work assignments to allow sufficient time for the employee to serve as a committee member.

The University Procedure for Selecting Safety and Health Representatives:

  1. The Safety Office will select management representatives from various areas throughout the university based on statistical data (i.e. number of employees and accident records.
  2. Management of selected areas will ask the employee to serve on a voluntary basis on the university safety committee.
  3. The term of each representative will be two year staggered terms to maintain continuity of the committee.
  4. The chairperson of the committee may be appointed by the chancellor or elected by the members.
The Safety & Health Committee Duties:
  1. Review all safety and health policies and procedures established by the University.
  2. Define annual goals.
  3. Review incidents involving work related injuries, illnesses or near misses (almost accidents).
  4. Review employee complaints regarding safety and health hazards.
  5. Analyze the University's work injury and illness statistical records.
  6. Conduct inspections of work sites at least annually and respond to complaints regarding safety or health hazards.
  7. Conduct interviews with employees in conjunction with inspection of the workplace.
  8. Review University's training records to ensure compliance with regulatory training requirements.
  9. Conduct meetings at least once every three months. Maintain written minutes of such meeting and send copy to each committee member.  Copy of minutes will be posted in the appropriate workplace.
  10. Designate Employee Safety and Health Representative(s) to accompany representatives from regulatory agencies (i.e. NCOSHA, NC Department of Insurance, NC Division of Environmental Management) during safety and health inspections of the workplace.
  11. Make written recommendations on behalf of the committee to the senior management-level safety & health committee and/or chancellor.
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