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Professional Writing

Writing matters a lot. For an employer reading your résumé or cover letter, your writing reflects how your mind works. In school, writing skills improve your grades on papers and presentations.  In the workplace, the stakes are higher and the power of the pen must never be underestimated. Research shows that employers value workers who think creatively and communicate effectively. The strongest communicators have an edge in getting interviews, landing jobs, and advancing their careers.  Whether you want to become a published author, teach at a community college, enhance your professional portfolio for graduate school, or land that job promotion, our certificates will help meet your objectives.

Certification in writing will add value to any major or degree and advance you along any number of career paths. The Writing Certificate Programs at Fayetteville State University are a fast way for undergraduates to enhance their résumés and allow busy professionals a flexible path toward earning valuable graduate credentials. 

The Department of English offers one undergraduate and two new graduate writing certificates. You may specialize in professional writing or the teaching of writing. With a focus on real-world applications, certificates require 12 to 18 credit hours and can sometimes be completed within one year. All three programs feature small, writing-intensive courses and cover forms of writing you might not have tried before. And all three certificates will position you to write your own ticket in the professional workplace or as an entrepreneur. 

Undergraduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate

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