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CommencementFSU English majors have the opportunity to receive one-on-one advising with assigned faculty advisors. Students are encouraged to schedule advising meetings with faculty advisors via email to discuss various issues, such as course enrollment and degree progression. If you recently declared an English major, you can view your assigned faculty advisor in Banner

Faculty & Staff

The English Department at FSU features a number of successful writers and researchers. Faculty members include a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning poet. English professors at FSU have written books on topics ranging from medieval literature to digital cinema.

Faculty & Staff

woman smiling standing in front of brick wall

woman with glasses standing in front of brick wall

woman in polka dot dress seated at desk

Department Chair
Associate Professor
Dr. Trela Anderson
Butler 123
(910) 672-1416 or
(910) 672-

Assistant Chair &
Associate Professor
Dr. Ji Young Kim
Butler 134  
(910) 672-1848 

Administrative Support
Associate for English
Ms. Vickie Bannon
Butler 123
(910) 672-1471

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woman standing in front of brick wall

woman in front of bookcase

Associate Professor &
Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Sonya C. Brown 
Butler 136
(910) 672-1861

Associate Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Bir
HTC 219
(910) 672-1824

Assistant Professor
Dr. Aydé Enríquez-Loya
Butler 388 A
(910) 672-2507
woman with red hair and brown turtleneck in front of brick wall man wearing kufi hat and beige blazer smiling grey-haired man with glasses and striped shirt

Associate Professor
Dr. Brenda Hammack
Butler 131
(910) 672-1452

Associate Professor
Dr. Brooksie Harrington
Butler 135
(910) 672-1931
Dr. Eric Hyman
Butler 133
(910) 672-1901
grey-haired man smiling with black shirt woman smiling seated in front of bookcase smiling grey-haired man in front of brick wall

Assistant Professor
Dr. Gary McConnell
Butler 124
(910) 672-1902

Assistant Professor
Dr. Nicole A. McFarlane
Butler 363-C
(910) 672-2146
Associate Professor
Dr. Edward McShane
Butler 128 
(910) 672-1934
blond woman smiling in front of brick wall woman with hoop earrings woman in african hat

Associate Professor
Dr. Micki Nyman
Williams 206-A
(910) 672-2426

Associate Professor
Dr. Maria Orban
Butler 125
(910) 672-1049
Associate Professor
Dr. Joyce Russell
Butler 132
(910) 672-1589
man with glasses smiling man in white shirt and black tie smiling woman with glasses

Associate Professor
Dr. Dean Swinford
Williams 205-A
(910) 672-2425

Associate Professor
Dr. Chuck Tryon
Butler 126
(910) 672-2223

Associate Professor &
Global Literacy Coordinator
Dr. Alison Van Nyhuis
Butler 129 & Hackley Honors Hall Suite 117
(910) 672-2506

woman wearing glasses in front of brick wall blonde woman in white shirt and grey cardigan

Professor & Director of
Professional Writing 
Prof. Carole Weatherford
Butler 129
(910) 672-2149


Ms. Barbara Blevins
(910) 672-1416


Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Mary Ferguson
(910) 672-2150

Ms. Vicki Millspaugh-McKenzie
HTC 131
(910) 672-1768

Ms. Toni Thomas
(910) 672-1416

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Lonnell Johnson
(910) 672-1416


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