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Why major in English?Students in Class
If you are considering a major in English, you may be wondering what kinds of career options will be available when you graduate. The short answer to that question is that you can do just about anything. The skills that you will develop in reading, writing, analyzing, and researching will prepare you for a variety of careers. Although many English majors do become teachers, the English degree can prepare you for careers in advertising, public relations, marketing, government and public service, journalism, publishing, editing, technical and business writing, and library science. Some English majors travel overseas and teach English as a second language in a foreign country. English also is one of the most common majors for students planning to enter law school. Finally, many medical schools also enthusiastically welcome applicants with English degrees.

How do I plan my curriculum?
Students majoring in English at Fayetteville State University also are required to earn a minor in another field or take additional courses. This is a useful opportunity to match your interest in writing and reading with another relevant field. You may, for example, combine a major in English with a minor in business, finance, or a similar major, in order to prepare for a business career, where the writing and research skills you have developed will be a valued asset. Supplementing your English degree with a minor in communication also could lead to careers in journalism, advertising, or related fields. The skills that you develop as an English major will give you the flexibility and creativity needed in today’s ever-evolving job market. You will also get the opportunity to read and discuss some of the finest poems, stories, novels, and movies ever created.

How will an English major prepare me for law school?
Student Writing

If you are considering law school after graduation, there are a variety of reasons that you should consider majoring in English. Many legal scholars and lawyers recommend majoring in English to prospective law students. The Law School Admission Council confirms that the critical reading, writing, and reasoning skills cultivated in an English major can be valuable for students who are entering law school. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, English majors also do well on the Law School Admission Test, ranking second only to philosophy.

Who majors in English?
A number of highly successful individuals have majored in English, many of them pursuing careers in a wide range of fields. Hollywood directors James Cameron and Steven Spielberg as well as Hollywood actors Vin Diesel, Matt Damon, and James Franco all majored in English. Many prominent politicians, including former New York governor Mario Cuomo and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, also were English majors. Even executives, such as Disney CEO Michael Eisner and Herb Scannell, the President of Nickelodeon and MTV Networks, majored in English.

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