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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why do I always get a recording when I call, no one answers the phone.

The University is experiencing a high volume of calls. When you contact the Enrollment Services Center (Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Accounts and Academic Appeals) you will be greeted by a recording. This is NOT a voicemail system but a queuing system. Once the recording is complete, the system will transfer your call into a queue, where the next available counselor answers your call or you can leave a callback number, and the system will automatically call you back.

Due to the high volume of calls during our peak periods (beginning of school) hold times will likely exceed 20 minutes. We are here to assist and recommend that you use our callback feature to save your spot in the queue. When your call is next in the queue a counselor will call you back at the phone number provided during your call back request.

2. How do I reset my Banner login pin?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (910) 672-1185 for assistance. Please be ready to respond to qualifying questions for verification

3. How do I request a transcript?

Transcripts can be requested online in Banner self-service, by fax or mail. Click HERE for more information.

4. How do I register for classes?

You can register online in Banner self-service. All undergraduate students will need their alt-pin to register. Please contact your advisor for your alt-pin.

5. Who is my advisor/how do I get in contact with an advisor?

You can view your advisor information online in Banner self-service. Once you have your advisor's name you can look up your advisor's contact information in the Campus Directory. If you do not have an advisor, contact your academic department for assistance.

6. How do I get my alternate pin for registration?

You must contact your assigned advisor or the department chair of your major (see question 7).

7. How do I withdraw from a course?

Consult with your advisor to ensure this is a correct course of action for you. Initiate the process by going to and select the appropriate form.

8. How do I withdraw from ALL courses from the university for the semester?

Do not use the course withdrawal form. Contact the Office of Personal Development at (910) 672-1222/1203 to initiate this process. If you are pre-registered for any subsequent semesters and you do not intend to return the following semester, please inform Personal Development that you desire the courses to be dropped.

9. How do I request an enrollment verification letter at the beginning of the semester?

Log into your Banner self-service account and click on Student and Financial Aid; then click Student Records; then click Request Enrollment Verification.

10. How can I request an enrollment verification letter after the semester begins?

FSU participates in the National Student Clearinghouse, which is the nation's trusted source for education verification. Data is sent to the National Clearinghouse the last working day of every month to include summer months. You may request enrollment certification directly from the National Student Clearinghouse. Please click HERE for further details. The National Clearinghouse also informs you of pertinent loan deferment information.

11. How do I know if I will be assessed a tuition surcharge?

Please review the Tuition Surcharge Policy. Please follow the instructions located in the policy on submitting an appeal/waiver.

12. Did I get approved by the academic appeals committee?

The academic appeals committee meets once a week and students are notified weekly by email once a decision has been made. Please check your Bronco email account periodically for your decision email.


13. When will my financial aid be applied to my account and when will I receive a refund?

The first disbursement of financial aid to your student account is scheduled for January 17th for the Spring semester. Thereafter financial aid will only apply to your student account every Tuesday and Thursday. Note: Financial aid will only be applied to a student account after all required verification documents have been submitted AND the student has been awarded. First time borrowers' loans are not applied until 30 days after the first day of class.

After the first disbursement, refunds are processed weekly. It can take up to 14 days from the date your surplus funds are available on your student account for a refund to be processed. FSU refunds are paid by ECSI via check, preloaded card, or direct deposit. Choose your option at Click HERE for more refund information.

14. What verification documents are needed for Financial Aid?

 Once the school has received your FAFSA you will be contacted if more verification documents are required to complete your application. Your financial aid status and/or outstanding documents can also be reviewed online in Banner self-service. For verification documents requested by the School Servicing Center, please visit

Once all documents are received it takes 10 days for review and processing. Once a student is awarded, their award information can be viewed online in Banner self-service. Please review the financial aid section of Banner self-service for financial aid award updates.

A breakdown of your financial aid award can be viewed online in Banner self-service.

15. What is the Federal Work Study process?

All students interested in federal student aid must first fill out a FAFSA; this application can be found at Federal Work Study is based on financial need and is offered on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. You must have a FAFSA on file and an award letter. The Federal Work Study program for the 2014-2015 academic year will run from September 8, 2014 to May, 31, 2015. Students must meet eligibility requirements to be awarded work study for academic year.

16. How much is my bill and when is it due?

Billing information can be reviewed online in Banner self-service. Instructions: Login; then click Student Tab; then click Student Account; then click View and Pay Bills.

The bill clearance date is January 16th, 2015 for Spring by 5:00 PM. Click HERE for more bill clearance information.

17. How do I submit an academic appeal?

You may find the form on the Registrar's website, under forms. The form is Appeal Form or Letter of Appeal. Fill it out completely, attaching "ALL" documentation that you wish for the Academic Appeals Committee to review. Students may submit the appeal form electronically, to the address or fax number on the form.

Submitting an appeal is not an automatic approval. The Academic Appeals Committee will review your academic record and provide you a response.

18. How long will it take the Academic Appeals Committee to review the appeal?

The Academic Appeals Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee.  For appeals submitted by the deadline, we ask that you give them two weeks to review and respond to your appeal.  You will receive your response via email.   


19. How do I accept or decline my federal student loan award online through Banner Self Service?

Click HERE for instructions on how to accept or decline your federal student loan award online through Banner Self Service.

20. I waived my student health insurance but the charge is still on my account, when will my waiver be processed?

Health insurance waivers are processed after late registration has closed. When your waiver is processed you will see a credit applied to your student account to offset the amount that you were charged for student health insurance.  The last day to waive the insurance fee for the 14/15 Academic Year is September 10th, 2014. Students enrolling for the Spring term only must submit their health insurance waivers by January 31st.

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