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Enrollment Services Evaluation and Improvement

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, FSU invites you to evaluate the quality of services you receive in administrative offices throughout the campus.  If you receive especially good or not so good service, please let us know by answering a few survey questions at the following link: Satisfaction with Enrollment Services Center Survey. Your comments are confidential and will be used exclusively to improve services.  We will periodically post the results we have collected from the survey and report on what we are doing with the use of your comments to improve services. 

Misunderstandings do occur and we have a Student Complaint Form (fillable) available for students to voice their concerns. For more information please review the complaint policy.

We would like to provide you with as many ways as possible to express your comments, suggestions and/or concerns. The Enrollment Services Center was created to help improve services at FSU if there is any information that you would like added to our webpage or services that you think this department or FSU should provide (or improve upon) please let us know by using our suggestion box or send an email to

Thank you for expressing your concern, comment and/or suggestion. Please check our page periodically for summaries of suggestions received and what we have done to address the issue(s).

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