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Orientation for New Students and Employees...

Welcome to FSU!  Find out what you can do daily to protect and preserve our environment. 

Conserve Energy and Water...

Help FSU conserve our energy and water resources by doing your part, see our annual Strategic Energy & Water Plan. Tip #1- turn off lights and computers when leaving. 

Turn Off Your Engine...
Turn Off Your Engine
Unnecessary idling wastes fuel, money and pollutes the air!


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Food, Health & Wellness

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center focuses particularly on supporting businesses related to defense, agriculture, and energy. The event was an outreach and education to attract and help veteran and new farmers in the community by facilitating SPIN webinars and workshops to make available resources and opportunities to improve in a sustainable way the economy and livelihood of the region community health and local food security issues with SPIN farming.

(JurLonna Walker | Director of Economic Development Administration (EDA) | Office of the Dean School of Business and Economics)


Cultivating Profits With Small Scale Farming

Linda Borghi

FSU's School of Business and Economics held the 2nd Annual Cultivating Profits with Small Scale Farming Conference on Friday, December 2, 2016. The guest speakers were Linda Borghi of Abundant Life Farm in Walker Valley, NY and Clif Slade of Slade Farms Certified Organic, VA. The event was hosted by Jurlonna Walker with the assistance of Marsha Howe, Sustainable Neighbors and Sheila Spence, Spence Family Farms.

The materials include ways to achieve an extended growing season: 

  • Greenhouse
  • High tunnel or hoop house
  • Plastic mulch
  • Row covers
  • Cultural practices      

A season extension refers to anything that allows a crop to be cultivated outside of its normal outdoor growing season.

A hands-on training will be provided at Spence Family Farms, 1532 Lillington Hwy, Spring Lake, NC on farm demonstrations:
  • 43,560 Model
  • High Tunnels
  • Hydroponics
  • Intensive Vegetable Systems
  • Raised Beds
The Sustainability Office is exploring the development of a campus garden project with the Green Team.

The Earth Day Celebration

Since April 22, 1970 when Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, individuals or groups perform acts of service to the Earth to promote environmental awareness , respect for life on the planet, and raise consciousness of the growing probles of air, water and soil pollution.

The Green Team celebrates "Earth Day April 22" to raise environmental awareness with outdoors and health conscience activities in partnership with FSU Aramark Dining, the Wellness Ambassadors, the NC 10% Campaign, local businesses providing healthy food education, giving out healthy snacks, connecting students with Murchison Rd Farmers Market and Sustainable Neighbors, sharing various programs for recycling and energy conservation.

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