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Orientation for New Students and Employees...

Welcome to FSU!  Find out what you can do daily to protect and preserve our environment. 

Conserve Energy and Water...

Help FSU conserve our energy and water resources by doing your part, see our annual Strategic Energy & Water Plan. Tip #1- turn off lights and computers when leaving. 

Turn Off Your Engine...
Turn Off Your Engine
Unnecessary idling wastes fuel, money and pollutes the air!


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FSU Commitments

FSU Commitments

Guiding Commitments, Legislative Guidance and Policies

NC Legislative Mandates

  • NC Executive Order 156, State Government Environmental Sustainability, Reduction of Solid Waste, and Procurement of Environmentally Preferable Products
  • NC General Statutes:
  •  Article 9: Solid Waste Management; 130A-309.10, Recyclable Items, 130A-309.14, Recycling Program and 130A-310.60 (Proposed), Mercury-Containing Products
  • Article 3: Purchases and Contracts; 143-58.3, Purchase of Recycled Paper and Paper Products Goals
  • 143-64 thru 143-214.7A, Article 3B: Conservation of Energy, Water, and Other Utilities in Government Facilities, Part 1: Energy Policy and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis; Part 2: Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts for Governmental Units (Also Includes Stormwater Control Best Management Practices)
  • 143-135.35-40, Article 8C: Performance Standards for Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Public Buildings
  • General Assembly of NC Senate Bills:
  • Session Law 2007-397-Senate Bill 3: Promote Renewable Energy
  • Session Law 2007-546-Senate Bill 668: Energy Conservation in State Buildings
  • Session Law 2008-203-Senate Bill 1946: Codify Energy Efficiency in state Buildings
  • UNC & FSU DirectivesPACE Committee- Final Report
  • UNC Tomorrow Commission- Final Report
  • FSU Strategic Plan 2015-2020

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