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University College Electronic Check-In

Welcome to the University College electronic check-in! Please take a few moments to make sure your FSU username and password work properly. This information will give you access to the many online resources of the University. The check-in process has four steps:

  1. Look up your username and password. Click on the link below. You will need your student ID number (830...). Write down your username and password carefully. 

    Click here to look up your FSU user account.

    After looking up your username and password, close the browser window to return to this page. If you already know your FSU username and password, skip to step 2.
  2. Access the myBronco Portal. The myBronco Portal gives you access to most of FSU's online resources with one click. Once you have logged in to the myBronco portal, access each of the following:
    1. Banner, FSU's student information system. In Banner, you can check your class schedule, transcript, financial aid status, account status, and much more! (For direct access to Banner, click here.)
    2. Canvas, FSU's "learning management system" (LMS). An LMS allows instructors to post assignments, messages, and course materials that are available only to students registered in specific courses. Originally developed for online courses, Canvas is now used by many face-to-face courses.  Freshman Seminar uses Canvas extensively.  Students should check Canvas daily for updates. (For direct access to Canvas, click here.)
      • BroncoConnect, FSU's academic alert system.  Location of your academic success plan (ASP) created and update by your advisor, a way to connect with campus resources (schedule advisor, instructor and academic support meetings), and view your academic progress (kudos, flags, referrals, and to dos).  Make sure to create and update your profile regularly (through Canvas, click on account, profule, BroncoConnect link, and follow the creating a profile instructions).
    3. FSU e-mail: If you have registered for classes, you have an FSU e-mail address.  Your FSU e-mail address is the official address to which important communications will be sent.  You should check it daily. (For direct access to FSU e-mail, click here.) 
    4. Bronco Advantage, FSU's portal to student clubs, organizations, and service opportunities. Find out what's going on and get involved! You can get to Bronco Advantage through the myBronco portal by clicking on Student Resources, then Bronco Advantage. (You'll need to enter your FSU username and password again.) Once you're in Bronco Advantage, click on your name at the top to go to Profile. Click Edit Profile to see if your information is correct. (For direct access to Bronco Advantage, click here.)

  3. Register your phone for emergency text alerts (optional). FSU has a state-of-the-art emergency alert system. One part of that system allows students to register a cell phone to receive text alerts about emergency situations on campus (e.g., closure due to inclement weather). To register a phone,
    1. Go to the FSU Bronco Alert Emergency Message Sign-Up page.
    2. Set up an account and log in. Note: The Bronco Alert interface is NOT connected to your network account.  You need to set up your Bronco Alert account separately.
    3. Go to Edit Contact Information to enter your cell phone and other information.
    4. Go to Subscriptions to sign up for text alerts. 

That's it! After you have complete the Electronic Check-In, you should have access to most of FSU's many online resources.

Problems? If you encounter any problems logging in, contact the ITTS Help Desk.

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