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Freshman Interest Groups

What are Freshman Interest Groups?

Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) are one of the well-researched and commonly practiced ways FSU and many other colleges and universities in the United States build a successful start for students' academic careers.  FIGs create an exciting way for first-time freshmen to start achieving academic, social and personal goals by creating more opportunities for enrichment, interaction, and exploration. Based on our experience and current research stating predetermined scheduling is most effective for first-year students, all first-time freshmen are pre-registered in FIG courses based on their intended major or interest in either the male or female initiatives (Bronco Men and Bronco Women).

When students participate in their FIG, they have increased academic achievement, increased retention, increased interaction with faculty, enriched academic support services, the ability to develop effective study groups with peers, and build lifelong friendships with students who share common interests. Additionally, FIGs may include co-curricular activities, service learning opportunities, or other non-traditional educational experiences.  For example, the Bronco Men and Bronco Women Freshman Interest Groups have the option of a living-learning experience, called Fusion FIGs.  In Fusion FIGs, students live together and have at least some portion of their instruction in the residence halls.  All FIGs share a full schedule of core courses and participate in our specifically designed Freshman Seminar where the instructor will serve as the student's academic advisor.   


  • Freshman Interest Groups Catalog: Descriptions and course schedules for each learning community.
  • Fusion FIGs: More information on how to opt into the residential dimension and benefits of participating FIGs.
  • Get the Most out of your FIG:
    • Complete the First Steps Questionnaire sent to your email.
    • Review your pre-registered schedule when it becomes available in your FSU Banner.
    • Build a rapport with your advisor and remember that we all have the same goal - to see you graduate in four years with a degree and a job.
    • Make a "study buddy" in each of your FIG classes during the first week.
    • Participate in academic enrichment available for your FIG courses.
    • Engage in FIG-related and other co-curricular activities throughout the semester.
    • Use your FIG Success Network of instructors, advisors, tutors, and classmates to do your best.


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