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Freshman Year Initiative

The Freshman Year Initiative is FSU's comprehensive program for first-year students. It includes:

  • Academic Advisement: University College advises students until they declare a major. The Freshman Seminar is the primary vehicle for advisement. The Freshman Seminar instructor serves as the academic advisor for the first year.
  • Academic Support: University College provides a variety of support services for first-year students. They are available through the University College Learning Center.
  • Academic Enrichment: University College provides a variety of programs to make the first-year experience special. Some of these programs include
Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar I and II is a two-semester orientation to the university that is required of all first-time freshmen. These courses are designed to introduce students to the university experience in general, and the history, policies, procedures, and resources of Fayetteville State University. Students participate in orientation sessions in the Counseling Center, the Chesnutt Library, the Office of Career Services and Placement, and the Business Office and Office of Financial Aid. The courses are intended, further, to help students develop an academic plan that will enable them to graduate in four years, and acquire the time management skills, study habits, and other skills that are necessary for success at the university.

Syllabi (Spring 2014)
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