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Learning Communities Bibliography

Readings on Learning Communities. Recommended by Dr. David Schoem, Faculty Director of the Michigan Community Scholars Program:

  • Levine Laufgraben, J. and Shapiro, N. 2004. Sustaining and Improving Learning Communities. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass (This book is an updated and second stage version of the 1999 book – you may want to look at both. I have a chapter on residential learning communities in this more recent book)
  • Levine, J. and Shapiro, N. 1999. Creating Learning Communities. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Smith, B.L. et. al. 2004. Learning Communities: Reforming Undergraduate Education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass (This book is an updated version by the same four editors of their classic first book on learning communities – directly below).
  • Gabelnick, F. et. al. 1990. Learning Communities: Making Connections Among Students, Faculty and Disciplines. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • O’Connor, J. 2003. Learning Communities in Research Universities. National Learning Communities Monograph Series. Olympia, WA: Evergreen State College’s Washington Center and AAHE (This and the publication below are part of a series of monographs from National Learning Communities Project)
  • MacGregor, J. (ed). 2003. Integrating Learning Communities with Service-Learning. National Learning Communities Monograph Series. Olympia, WA: Evergreen State College’s Washington Center and AAHE (I have a co-authored chapter in this monograph)
  • Galura, J. 2004. Engaging the Whole of Service-Learning, Diversity, and Learning Communities. Ann Arbor: OCSL Press. (This is a book focusing on my program, the Michigan Community Scholars Program, including chapters from national leaders as well as co-authored chapters by faculty and community partners, faculty and students, etc. – I am one of the editors of the book and author/co-author of a few chapters)
  • Schoem, D. 2005. College-Knowledge: 101 Tips for the College-Bound Student. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. (fyi - This is due out in May. I wonder if it might have appeal for your Freshman Seminar courses).
  • Schoem, D. and Hurtado, S. 2001. Intergroup Dialogue: Deliberative Democracy in School, College, Community and Workplace. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan Press (this book focuses on the intergroup dialogue work I mentioned to you during our phone call)

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