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Welcome to the Fall 2014 Learning Communities Catalog! Here is a list of the current LCs with a short description, a video giving more information about each LC, and a document for each LC that provides the linked courses as well as helpful other courses to help you build your schedule at First Steps.  Please click on any of the following to learn more about that particular Learning Community.


FSU student-athletes face many challenges other students do not.  These learning communities are designed to give the best support to student-athletes with specific focus on time management, adjusting to college sports, academic success and evening tutoring. Although these learning communities include ENGL 110, we highly recommend CHEER student-athletes join one of these communities.  Two semesters.

Athletes 1 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf


Bronco Women

The Bronco Women Initiative is a program designed to explore experiences of women of color to improve their success by integrating social and academic activities, formally and informally. The Freshman Seminar in this learning community will emphasize positive self-images and encourage social networking. Students will engage in practical problem solving and the function of power on an individual and or group setting. Students will learn to articulate their own social identities. Two semesters.

Bronco Women Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf


Business 2 & 3

The Business learning communities focus on business decision-making.  Students will focus on making good decisions in their roles as consumers, savers, investors, voters, and as productive citizens.  Business learning communities provide students with unique opportunities to expand their business knowledge and skill set while offering ongoing special opportunities to network with School of Business. Two semesters.

Business 2 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

Business 3 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

CHEER 1 & 2

The CHEER learning community will help students apply the skills learned over the summer to first year success by working with familiar instructors for math, English, and freshman seminar in a supportive environment.  One semester.

CHEER 1 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

CHEER 2 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

Criminal Justice

This learning community is made up of like-minded students who hope to obtain a career in the criminal justice field. The Criminal Justice learning community focuses on the many opportunities available in the field and the skills needed to continue along this path. Additionally, this learning community introduces students to the institutions and processes of law making and enforcement, the judicial system, corrections and the juvenile justice system.  Two semesters.

CRJC 1 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf


Global Scholars

This learning community is available to entering Honors Students, Global Scholars and other students who want a challenging global-themed learning experience.  It prepares students for the entrance to the Honors in the Major program and study abroad opportunity available to Global Scholars.  Two semesters.

Global Scholars Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf


Mental Health Professions

This learning community is for students interested in majoring in Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.  Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology are uniquely compelling and exciting professions that can provide you with numerous opportunities for an impactful career. For example, you may decide to provide counseling services to persons in needs of ways to help themselves feel better about who they are as people, or you may decide to explore newer and innovative approaches to helping people that our society sometimes regards as "throw-away" people. These three fields are truly represent the very best of cutting-edge arenas, and your interest, input, and participation will help to ensure that these professions will remain at the forefront of efforts to transform the lives of many persons. Two semesters.

Mental Health Professions Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf



For intended music majors, this learning community combines a section of Freshman Seminar taught by music faculty with MUSI-100, Basic Musicianship, which all Music majors need in their first semester, and MUSI 225, History of Jazz in American Culture.  Two smesters.

Music Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf



This section of Freshman Seminar will examine advising, major, and career issues of interest to pre-nursing students.  It prepares students to make realistic goals about becoming a nursing major. Two semesters.

Pre-Nursing 2 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

Pre-Nursing 3 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is designed to show how integrated the STEM disciplines are.  Additionally, this learning community is designed in an effort to increase scientific reasoning, comprehension, and basic quantitative reasoning skills necessary for student retention, motivation, and success.   A feature of this community will be hands-on applications and inquiry-based learning. Two semesters.

STEM 1 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

STEM 2 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf



Designed for students who are looking for a major, this learning community helps students explore possible areas of study, discover more about themselves and their relationships with others, and develop multicultural competency. Two semester.

Seekers 1 Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf


Super Teacher

This community is designed to meet the needs of education majors by creatively combining required core courses. Students learn topics and issues that are easily adaptable to the lower grades, and they will be able to begin a collection of topics that will form the basis for the development of their future lessons. Two semesters.

Super Teacher Recommended Fall 2014 Courses.pdf

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