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Learning Communities Offered, Fall 2013

First-year students will participate in one of the following learning communities. Students must enroll in all courses and sections of the learning community.  Enrollment is by permit only. First-time freshmen will be able to register for a learning community at First Steps.

Description Information

Applications in STEM (Science, Technology, Engireering, and Mathematics): Applications in STEM are designed to show how intergrated the DTEM disciplines are. A featires of this community will be hands-on applications and inquiry-based learning.

  • Who Should Take This? Students with an intended major in Math, Coomputer Science, Biology, Chemistry, or other science0related discipline.
  • Requirements MEt: UNIV-101, PHIL-110,, MATH-129, MATH-130
  • Major Requirements MEt: CSC-105
  • Placement: MATH-123/MATH-129
  • CHEER Friendly
Athletes: This learning community addresses issues specific to student-athletes: time management, adjusting to college sports, academic success, etc.
  • Who Should Take This?  FSU Bronco student athletes.
  • Core Requirements Met: ENGL-110, UNIV-101


Bronco Men:  The Bronco Men Learning Community provides a supportive learning environment designed to increase the academic success of males. Instructional strategies and co-curricular support structures promote responsibility, active learning, and peer support.
  • Who Should Take This?  Men with any intended major, except Education and Nursing.
  • Core Requirements Met: CRJC-203, ENGL-110, UNIV-101
  • Placement: ENGL 110 and UNIV 101 with or without support
Bronco Women: The Bronco Women Initiative is a program designed to explore experiences of women of color to improve their success by integrating social and academic activities, formally and informally. This class will emphasize positive self-images and encourage social networking.
  • Who Should Take This? Women with any intended major, except Education and Nursing.
  • Core Requirements Met: ENGL-110, UNIV-101
Business and Entrepreneurship: Economic decision-making demands good critical thinking skills.  To make good decisions in their roles as consumers, savers, investors, voters, and above all, as productive citizens in a global setting, students must critically assess the options available to them.
  • Who Should Take This? Students planning to major in Business or Accounting.
  • Business 1 & 2 Core Requirements Met: UNIV-101, PHIL-110
  • Business 1 & 2 Major Requirements Met: MIS-211
  • Business 3 Core Requirements Met: UNIV-101, BADM-210, BADM-220
  • CHEER Friendly
CHEER:  The CHEER learning community will help students apply the skills learned over the summer to first year success by working with familiar instructors for math, English, and freshman seminar in a supportive environment.
  • Who Should Take This? CHEER scholars who want to continue the CHEER experience into the Fall.
  • Core Requirements Met: ENGL-120, MATH-123, UNIV-101
  • Placement: ENGL-120, MATH-123
  • CHEER Friendly

Criminal Justice: This learning community introduces students to the institutions and processes of law making and enforcement, the judicial system, corrections and the juvenile justice system.  Students will use critical thinking to assess these institutions and processes as they affect individuals and society.

  • Who Should Take This? Students interested in a career in criminal justice.  Students with any major can benefit, except Education and Nursing.
  • Core Requirements Met: CRJC-203, PHIL-110, UNIV-101
  • CHEER Friendly


Foundations of Success: This learning community provides a firm foundation for academic success by focusing on the core of the core academic skills: writing, math, and computers. Students will develop their proficiency in an environment of intense academic support.
  • Who Should Take This? Students who place into MATH 121. Students with any intended major can benefit.
  • Core Requirements Met: MATH-121, UNIV-101, ENGL-110 



Global Scholars: This learning community is available by invitation only to entering Global Scholars. It prepares students for the study abroad opportunity available to Global Scholars by introducing them to global issues generally and the background of their area of travel specifically.
  • Who Should Take This? Students admitted as Global Scholars, except those interested in majoring in Birth to Kindergarten, Nursing, and STEM,
  • Core Requirements Met: UNIV-101, SOCL-150
  • CHEER Friendly.
Health Professions: This learning community explores issues related to professions such as nursing, medicine, health-care management and other health-related fields.
  • Who Should Take This? Students interested in Nursing, medicine, health-care management, or other health-related fields.
  • Requirements Met: PHIL 110, CSC 100, UNIV 101
Law and Order: The Legal Profession. Future lawyers need to know the American political system, which produces and judges the laws attorneys use in their profession. Lawyers also need critical thinking skills to create persuasive legal arguments and to refute the arguments of their opponents. This learning community helps students do both: learn about American politics, and develop their critical thinking skills.
  • Who Should Take This? Students interested in becoming a lawyer, in pursuing a Criminal Justice major, or in working in the American legal system in any capacity. Students with any intended major can benefit, except Birth to Kindergarten & Elementary Education.
  • Core Requirements Met: POLI-210, UNIV-101  
  • CHEER-friendly
Music: For intended majors, this learning community combines a section of Freshman Seminar taught by music faculty with MUSI-100, Basic Musicianship, which all Music majors need in their first semester, and MUSI-225, History of Jazz.
  • Who Should Take This? Students interested in majoring in Music or Music Education.
  • Core Requirements Met: MUSI 225, UNIV 101
  • Placement: UNIV 101 with or without support
  • CHEER-friendly
The Seekers: Designed for students who are looking for a major, this two-semester Learning Community helps students explore possible areas of study, discover more about themselves and their relationships with others, and develop multicultural competency. Because many of the tools used to explore majors involve psychology, this is a great learning community for students planning to major in Psychology, too!
  • Who Should Take This? Students undecided about their major (unless thinkins of becoming a Business, Criminal Justice, or Nursing major), or students interested in Psychology as a major.
  • Requirements Met: PSYC-210, UNIV-101
  • CHEER-Friendly

Social Work: This learning community will study the historical development of social welfare, social work, and various social services. Will also focus on the nature, causes, and extent of major social problems, and will provide case examples of how people are affected by such problems. Emphasis will be placed on various counseling techniques, analysis of social policy issues, and the roles, functions, and responsibilities of the social work domain.

  • Students interested in Social Work as a major.
  • Core requirements met: SWRK-230, UNIV-101
  • CHEER Friendly
Teacher Education: This community is designed to meet the needs of education majors by creatively combining required core courses. Students learn topics and issues that are easily adaptable to the lower grades, and they will be able to begin a collection of topics that will form the basis for the development of their future lessons. 
  • Who Should Take This? Students intending to major in Teacher Education.
  • Core Requirements Met: UNIV-101, ENGL-110



Theater: This learning community will explore drama and the art and craft of the theatre, with special attention to the role of the theatre in modern society. Students will work with FSU Theatre Company productions.
  • Who Should Take This? Students intending to major in Theater or Communication. Any major can benefit, except Birth to Kindergarten, Elementary Education, and Music.
  • Core Requirements Met: ENGL 110, THEA 203, UNIV 101


*CHEER-friendly: CHEER Scholars can fit these learning communities into their schedule

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