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Profile Examination Standards For Proficiency

Profile examinations help provide an initial assessment of your basic skills as you enter Fayetteville State University. Your scores are among the information that will be used to give you good academic advisement. Profile scores may also be used for your placement into courses, though they are never used as the exclusive basis for placement, but are considered in conjunction with your SAT score, high school GPA, and information provided on your Freshman Questionnaire.  

The Standards for Proficiency are statements that describe the range of knowledge, skills, and abilities that students earning a particular score on each exam are likely to have. These statements reflect the actual practices of colleges and universities now using this system of assessment. Please find the range each of your scores falls to determine the standards for proficiency you have met according to this test score. You can compare your score to the mean (average) score for test takers nationally.

For more information about the Profile Examinations, visit the University Testing website.

Score Range

Standards for Proficiency

20 - 43 Students at this level have a minimal level of elementary algebra skills.
44 - 81 Students at this level can perform operations with signed numbers, perform operations with algebraic expressions, combine like terms, multiply binomials, and identify common factors.
82 - 108 Students at this level have sufficient knowledge of elementary algebra skills, including the ability to add radicals, simplify algebraic expressions, add algebraic fractions, factor the difference squares, square binomials, evaluate algebraic expressions, solve linear equations with integer coefficients.
109 & up Students at this level have substantial knowledge of elementary algebra skills. They can factor quadratic expressions, solve quadratic equations in nonstandard form, solve linear equations with fractional and literal coefficients, solve linear inequalities, solve systems of equations, and identify graphical properties of equations and inequalities.
49 National Mean (Average) Score
Score Range

Standards for Proficiency

20 - 50 Students at this level are generally able to read with comprehension short passages that are characterized by uncomplicated ideas. These students are able to recognize the main and less central ideas and the tone of the passage when questions do not require them to make fine distinctions.
51 - 78 Students at this level are able to recognize main and secondary points when required to make somewhat fine distinctions, make simple deductions from a series of facts, and recognize organizing principles, including the relationship between sentences.
79 - 102 Students at this level are able to read with comprehension passages that, although short, are somewhat complex in terms of the ideas conveyed. These students are able to answer questions that require them to synthesize information, including gauging point of view and intended audience.
103 & up Students at this level are able to comprehend passages that, although short, are somewhat complex, and that deal with academic subject matter, often in a theoretical framework. They can extract points that are merely implied, follow moderately complex arguments or speculations, recognize tone, and analyze the logic employed by the author in making an argument.
77 National Mean (Average) Score

Course placements will be adjusted during the first week of the semester for students who have earned credits by examination.

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