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FSU-LEAP students who violate FSU Residence Life or Behavior Policies will be notified of their transgression and counseled by FSU staff.  If the problem persists, students will be dismissed from the program. 

Policies and Regulations

FSU LEAP Expectations and Regulations

FSU LEAP students are FSU Broncos, and as such, they are expected to attend all required activities and to comply with all FSU Policies, Rules, and Regulations. Students who do not comply will be dismissed from the program.

The most important policy to be aware of is the FSU Disruptive Behavior policy. Highlights are listed below.  In addition, all LEAP students will be residing on FSU's campus and must abide by Residence Life regulations including keeping curfew, passing room inspection, and abiding by visitation and check-out policy.

Disruptive behavior is considered any behavior that interferes with instruction and learning. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Failure to respect the rights of other students to express their viewpoints by behaviors such as repeatedly interrupting them, using profanity and/or disrespectful names or labels for others, ridiculing others' viewpoints, and similar behaviors;
  2. Excessive talking while the faculty member or other students are presenting information or expressing their viewpoints;
  3. Use of cell phones and/or other electronic devices in violation of the class syllabus;
  4. Overt inattentiveness (sleeping, reading non-class material, etc.);
  5. Eating in class;
  6. Threats or statements that jeopardize the safety of the student and/or others;
  7. Failure to follow reasonable requests of faculty members;
  8. Entering class late and/or leaving class early on a regular basis.   

Student Complaints

In addition to having high standards for you as an FSU LEAP Scholar, we maintain high standards for ourselves as your instructors, mentors, tutors, advisors, and Residence Life personnel. If you have any problems during the program, speak to Ms. Wade, Ms. Murrell, or anyone else involved directly.  If the issue is not immediately resolved, please fill out the Student Complaint Form and give it to Ms. Wade for follow-up.

Consent to Release Confidential Information

In accordance with Fayetteville State University's (FSU's) Student Education Records Policy, a student may grant FSU the right to release confidential and specific information contained in or about educational records (such as grades, disciplinary actions, etc.) to third parties such as parent(s), guardians(s), and/or spouse by completing the attached Consent to Release Confidential Information form.

Disclosure of Educational Records

Fayetteville State University may, at FSU's discretion, disclose information from a student's education records to third parties with the written consent of the student. However, in certain circumstances described in FSU's disclosure policy, FSU may disclose records to third parties without the student's consent. Students may view FSU's disclosure policy online.

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