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FSU and NCSU 3 plus 2 Engineering Program

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Admission Requirements

  • Applicants for the "3+2" Dual Degree Engineering Program must apply for admission to FSU and meet all requirements for unconditional admission.
  • Initially, applicants are admitted to FSU with the intent to pursue the dual degree program and will be advised by the FSU Engineering Program Coordinator about the curriculum plans agreed upon by FSU and NCSU.
  • Admitted students may be required to enroll in FSU Summer School immediately preceding the first year of study or in subsequent years to remain on track to transfer to NCSU.
  • At the end of the first year of study, FSU students should apply for official admission into the FSU/NCSU Dual Degree Engineering Program.  Acceptance in the program is based on the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) in science and mathematics courses, which must be at least a 3.0.
  • Upon acceptance by NCSU, students will receive a welcome letter from the College of Engineering, further specifying the requirements for transition from FSU to NCSU.
  • Admitted students in the dual degree program will be required to enroll in courses based on the curriculum guide approved by FSU and NCSU. Any variation from the required courses must be pre-approved by the program coordinator and the appropriate department chairperson.
  • The FSU Engineering Program Coordinator is the advisor to students in the dual degree program.

Eligibility Requirements for Transition from FSU to NCSU Engineering Program

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