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Introducing the new Maytag Neptune Front-Load High Efficiency Washers

Maytag is the most respected name in the laundry industry. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Greater Capacity: A double-load washer to handle comforters, blankets and large loads. The Neptune's 2.9 cubic foot capacity is the industry's largest.
  • Time Saver: Due to the ultra-high spin, an average load will dry in 40-45 minutes. Laboratory tests prove that Maytag's final spin removes more water than any other brand. Water retention in a Neptune is 42% compared to 48% of the nearest competitor.
  • Water Efficient: Uses only 15-18 gallons of water for a load of laundry compared to 23 gallons for nearest competitor and 31 gallons for the old top-load units.
  • Easier Loading and Unloading: Doors open a full 180 degrees; the inner basket is tilted upward at a 15 degree angle so students can see and reach every article of clothing.
  • Handles Over-Sudsing Better: A patented anti-sudsing cycle to reduce over-sudsing with normal usage. An exclusive suds recovery cycle that helps control overly soaped loads from overflowing and flooding the luandry room.
  • Noise Level: The quietest washer ever made. Especially important to students whose rooms are adjacent to laundry rooms.
  • Better Washability: Laundry continuously turns over and moves through the water up to 35 times per minute. Top-loaders average only 1-2 turns per minute. Plus the Neptune provides two extra rinses for better detergent removal.
  • Dryer Efficiency: No other dryer is faster or more energy-efficient than a Maytag due significantly to the water extraction from the final spin of the washer. The 6.0 cubic foot tumbler is twice the volume of the Neptune washer.
Where are the washers and dryers located?

We have a total of 36 washers and 36 dryers all located within our 9 Residential Buildings, from a minimum of 2 washers and 2 dryers in Hood and Joyner Halls, to a maximum of 8 washers and 8 dryers in New Residence Hall.

How much does it costs?
  • Washers = $1.25/cycle
  • Dryers = $1.25 w/48 minute dry cycle
What method of payment do the machines accept?

The machines are cashless machines and will only accept the Bronco Express Card as the method of payment.  Therefore, in order to use the laundry machines, a minimum of $1.00 is required in your Bronco Express Card account.

How do I obtain a refund if I lose money in one of the luandry machines?

In the event you lose money from your Bronco Express Card account while doing laundry, credits may be obtained from the Bronco Express Card Office located in room 242 of the Rudolph Jones Student Center.  Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

What happens if my clothing is damaged while doing my laundry in one of the machines?

All claims may be called into the 1-800-MAC-GRAY, e-mailed to, or visit the Mac-Gray Website at  For claims less than $50.00, a check is immediately issued to the student.  For claims greater than $50.00, a Mac-Gray technician will pick up the garment and a check will be issued if it is determined the damage was caused by a machine malfunction.  The value of the garment is based upon its age and condition.  All damaged garments, if refunded and still in good condition, will be donated to charity.

How do I report a machine probelm?

The procedure for reporting laundry machine problems is the exact same for vending machines, by dialing 910.672.1735 or 910.672.1762.  The number connects you directly with the Vending Office where you can explain the problem to one of our staff persons.  The more information you can give us about the problem, the faster we can correct it.  If after normal business hours, please leave a message on our voice mail system.

Please tell us which machine (Washer = A1, Dryer = B2, etc.), the location (Bryant Hall-1st Floor, etc.) and a brief description of the problem.  It helps us to know if you received any type of message on the display screen; or what you were specifically trying to select.  Vending Department personnel will contact the Mac-Gray Laundry Services as soon as the problem is reported, for correction as soon as possible.

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