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Fire and Emergency Services Administration

The Fayetteville State University B.S. in Fire and Emergency Services Administration degree program has modeled itself after the National Fire Academy's Fire & Emergency Services Higher Education curriculum and is currently in the process of seeking FESHE Recognition for the program and nine of its courses.


According to FESHE, since 1999 FESHE leaders have worked to produce through consensus, a standardized undergraduate curriculum that is national in scope, content and outcomes. There now exists a robust national model curriculum of fire-related and EMS management courses for colleges and universities to adopt as their own. All the courses share common titles, catalog descriptions, outlines and content which provide a national core of knowledge and competencies delivered by the FESHE programs.

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Syllabi and Course outlines

                                                    FSU CORE COURSES

FSCN 350 Fire Prevention Organization & Management        

Course              Outcomes            Syllabi                

FSCN 400 Political  & Legal Foundations of Fire Prevention          

Course           Outcomes           Syllabi

FSCN 412 Advanced Fire Administration

Course              Outcomes             Syllabi

FSCN 422 Applications of Fire Research

Course            Outcomes            Syllabi

FSCN 430 Fire Service Personnel Administration        

Course              Outcomes              Syllabi                      

      FSCN 455 Community Risk Reduction              

     Course             Outcomes           Syllabi                                 


                                                        FSU NON-CORE COURSES 

FSCN 322 Fire Investigations    

Course               Outcomes                Syllabi                           

FSCN 377 Fire-Related Human Behavior 

Course    Outcomes    Syllabi       

FSCN 402 Managerial Issues in All Hazard Environment                  

Course               Outcomes              Syllabi    


                                                                 ADDITIONAL COURSES

FSCN 360 Fire Service Ethics                         

Course                Outcomes      Syllabi                         

FSCN 440 Fire Service Organizational Dynamics                         

Course                Outcomes             Syllabi                            

FSCN 421 Incindiary Fire Analysis and Investigation

Course                Outcomes              Syllabi

FSCN 490 Fire Service Internship

Course               Outcomes             Syllabi

FSCN 441 Special Topics

Course                Outcomes               Syllabi

FSCN 345 Firefighter Fitness and Wellness

Course                Outcomes             Syllabi



Current or most recently taught syllabus


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