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History Major Graduates

C/O 2014. 

Francena McGirt. Ph.D studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Elena Smith, History M.A. student at UNC Charlotte



Do you know your history? Learn it here...@ the FSU History program. Join the Conversation.

"Congratulations are in order for the department with the highest average LSAT score on the December exam.... Once again, the History Department takes the first spot! Political Science is second!" --- FSU General Counsel Office

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     Tombstone of our first Principal, Mr. Robert Harris. Located at Brookside Cemetery Fayetteville, NC

Five Chief Administrative Officers served the school from 1867 to 1899:

Robert L. Harris, Principal (1867-1880)

Charles W. Chesnutt, Principal (1880-1883)

Ezekiel Ezra (E. E.) Smith, Principal (1883-1888)                                                                                       

George Williams, Principal (1888-1895)                                                                                                       

E. E. Smith, Principal (1895-1898)

Rev. L. E. Fairley, Principal (1898-1899)


Take a look at what we offer in the History Program

FSU through the years....PROUD TO BE:

      (4.) THE HOWARD SCHOOL, FAYETTEVILLE, may also be set down to the credit of this society. Inspector General Avery pronounced it the best school in the State. Messrs. Fish and Langston confirmed this opinion. The site was purchased by the Freedmen about eighteen months since. It cost about $140.00. The Bureau has erected thereon a building at a cost of $3,800.00 and furnished at a cost of $400.00. The people themselves have made improvements at an expeuse of $200.00. The building will accommodate more than three hundred pupils. Two hundred is the highest number for this session. At one time it numbered over three hundred.

                STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA,


                Raleigh, November 1st, 1869.

 HISTORY CLUB OFFICERS 2014-15: President: Eric Howard, VP: Andrew Milone, Secretary: Amanda Stelzer, Treasurer: Lorena Garcia-Bochas

  • Why Major in History?                                                                                                                                                                       How to cite sources                                                                             

           "The top quarter of history majors have a higher median lifetime salary than that of all those who studied computer programming."        -The Week p38 Sept 13, 2013

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  • Dr. Linda Tomlinson is the Undergraduate Coordinator for History   910.672.1556
  • The BS in Social Science, Social Studies is no longer accepting new students (5/24/11)
  • Thank you FSU Students for selecting the Dept of GH as the best for advisement spring 2012

In the News...

New source of interest available online: The University of North Texas has digitized 100 years of Scouting Magazines. Take a look and see how scouting, society and culture has changed in the last century. What do you see?

"City's civil rights struggle recalled 3 who participated lead discussion at FSU"  Read more for the role of FSU professors Drs., Stanley Johnson and Tom Hennessey.

History Program Mission Statement:

The Area of History at Fayetteville State University takes its responsibilities and commitments seriously in facilitating the development of “quality-learning” for citizens of southeastern North Carolina and surrounding areas. We hold the past as an important source of information that will inspire our quest for an enriched and enlightened future. History teachers provide the means for accessing this information through the use of techniques involving research, analysis, and synthesis. Through its diverse course offerings which include United States History, African-American History, Asian History, European History, African History, Latin- American History, World History, etc., the Area of History seeks to be thorough in its coverage of global societies.

Students who are interested in studying world events -- whether they are past or present events -- are invited to become “History Majors” at Fayetteville State University. The History curriculum was carefully designed to prepare scholars to function effectively in the twenty-first century. Our long-range goal is to provide the benefits of a quality education in the form of courses offered at the University as well as to produce trained professionals who will serve the surrounding community.

CLAWGROUP                                                                                                                                                    Congratulations Mr. Steven Higley...B.A. History Fayetteville State,'10, History, M.A. History Appalachian State '12, current Ph.D student Ohio State University

Students attend a lecture at the Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World Conference March 2011.Charleston, SC. (L-R) Brenda Johnson, Leron Montgomery, Jennifer Turner, Steven Higley)

News relating to the History Program is now added to the College of Arts and Sciences newsletter, found here:

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