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Modibo Kadalie

Mobido M. Kadalie

Dr. Modibo M. Kadalie

Office: Joseph Knuckles Annex
Phone: 672-2428
Fax: 672-1090
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  • B.A., Psychology, Morehouse College
  • M.S. Experimental Psychology, Howard University
  • M.A., Ph.D., Political Science, Atlanta University

Dissertation: "The Independent African American Labor Movement in the Formation of the American State and in the Consolidation of Capitalist Class Power." 


  • POLI 200: Introduction to Political Science
  • HIPPO 342: Civil Rights and the Constitution
  • POLI 450: History of Political Theory
  • HIPO 300: Contemporary African American Politics 


Critical Political Theory                                                Environmental and Social Justice Issues and Movements as they impact the International Capitalist System 


"The Emergence of Women in the Leadership of a Struggle for Ecological Justice: the Case of Vieques," Race, Gender and Class, Vol.16, No.3-4, 2009

---Internationalism, Pan Africanism and the Struggle of Social Classes, One Quest Press, Savannah, Georgia, 2000

---The Struggle of the Times: A Primer in Critical Political Social Science, forthcoming.

"Two Policies: Two Challenges to Democratic Statecraft in Post Apartheid South Africa, " Limpopo Journal of Public Policy and Law, Spring 2007 (forthcoming)

"Challenges facing HBCUs in the United States and HBUs in South Africa in the Generation of Critical Social Theory: Comparatively Considered," Quo Vadis, Journal of the Humanities, UNIN, Spring 2005, pp. 60-83.

"Freedom Day: A National African American Holiday," Journal of Negro History, Vol. 86, No. 3, Summer 2001. pp. 348-371.

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