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Dr. Ngozi Caleb Kamalu

Dr. Ngozi Caleb Kamalu

Dr. Ngozi Caleb Kamalu
Professor of Political Science

Office: TS 208 D
Phone: 672-1367
Fax: 672-1090 / 2188
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Ngozi Caleb Kamalu is tenured Professor and Director of the MA Program in Political Science at Fayetteville State University. Professor Kamalu received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees from Texas Southern University and a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Howard University. Dr. Kamalu also served as a Teaching and Research Fellow at Howard University and a Research Assistant at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C. 

Dr. Kamalu has extensive teaching experience spanning across various regions and communities in the state of North Carolina. Prior to joining Fayetteville State University, Dr. Kamalu was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  Also, he has taught in adjunct capacities at North Carolina Central University, Durham, Guilford College, Greensboro, Shaw University- Cape, Fayetteville, Central Texas College-Pope-Air Force Base, Ft. Bragg, and Methodist University, Fayetteville.

Dr. Kamalu serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Research Methodology and African Studies, Washington, DC. African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies (University of Maryland Eastern Shore), and Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)  He was also a founding member of Mentor: Journal of Mentoring and Field Experience (Fayetteville State University), The Journal of Research Methodology and African Studies, and the Sierra Leone Review. In addition, he has served as Textbook and/ or Manuscript Reviewer for Longman Publishers, Macmillan Reference USA, North West Publishing Company., Houghton Mifflin Company, Peter Lang Publishing, inc., and Dushkin /McGraw-Hill. 

Dr. Kamalu’s land breaking article titled “Redistricting in North Carolina: An Overview of Emerging Judicial Decisions and Doctrines,” was published in North Carolina Political Review, May-June 2002. This article was extensively relied on and quoted by the Nationalist Movement in the famous Supreme Court Case of the United States, Beatrice Branch et al. V. John Robert Smith, et al. (2002). The case over the Mississippi Congressional Redistricting plan was then on appeal from the U.S. District Court for Southern Mississippi to the United States Supreme Court.

Professor Kamalu was a member of the team of The University of North Carolina Exchange Program (UNCEP) visitors that represented the University of North Carolina System on a trip to Barden-Wurttenburg, Germany June 12-19, 2004. While at the University of Mannheim, the host institution, Professor Kamalu also visited the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart and the University of Konstanz located at Lake Constance.

Professor Kamalu has been bestowed with panoply of awards in the academia. On May 12, 2006, Professor Kamalu was conferred with the university of North Carolina Board of Governors’ Award for excellence in Teaching in Chapel Hill. This award in teaching is the highest bestowed on any professor at the University of North Carolina System. 

Dr. Kamalu also received another award, the Special Recognition of the Year Award from the Cumberland Regional Improvement Corporation Board of Directors and Staff on Thursday September 7, 2006 at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

An avid, sedulous, stellar and erudite scholar, Professor Kamalu has been widely sought after by newspaper columnists and television anchors on a wide range of political issues. He has been interviewed by such media outlets as the Fayetteville Observer, ABC – 11 Eyewitness News as well as CanWest (Canada). 

Dr. Kamalu holds affiliation with many professional societies including the Association of Third World Studies, National Association of Black Political Scientists, South-Eastern Regional Seminar for African Studies, American Political Science Association, International Political Science Association, International Studies Association, American Society of Public Administration, National Association of African American Studies, African Studies Association, North Carolina Religious Studies Association and North Carolina Political Science Association. 


American Government, International Relations; Public Administration & Policy; International Law ; Comparative Politics   (Africa )  


American Foreign Policy Toward the Emerging States ; International Law of the Sea

Dr. Kamalu’s recent research interests and work are in such areas as Environmental Justice (Eco-Feminism, Economic Ecology, Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Techniques), Globalization, International Law of the Sea and Space, American Foreign Policy toward Emerging Nations, Human Capital Flight (Labor/Skills Migration/ Brain Drain), Racial Profiling, Jury Bias and Jury Nullification, Felon Disenfranchisement, Cultural Competency, Racial/Ethnic Concordance and Health Care Utilization and Outcomes, Women Empowerment and Development as well as Health Disparities, with special focus on Communicable Disease Surveillance, Reporting and Testing Behaviors. 


Dr. Kamalu is the author of more than twenty published articles in peer-reviewed scholarly Journals. His scholarly works have appeared in numerous publications that include but not limited to the following: Encyclopedia of Race and Racism (2008), Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (2006);Journal of Third World Studies (2007, 2006); The Voice (2006);Interdisciplinary Social Work Journal (2005); The Western Journal of Black Studies (2004); Journal of North Carolina Association of Historians (2004); Towson State Journal of International Affairs (2003, 2001, 1996, 1995,1994,); North Carolina Political Review (2002); Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives (1996); African Journal of Languages and Linguistics (1996); Journal of Research Methodology and African Studies (1997, 1996); Research Review (1994); The Sierra Leone Review (1994, 1993, 1992); Journal of Third World Studies (1994); Comparative State Politics (1991); Conflict: An International Journal (1990); Coexistence (1990) and India Quarterly (1989). 

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