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The purpose of this page is to make participation in the democratic process simpler for our faculty, staff and students. It includes information for in-state and out-of-state residents, candidates for office, and internal and external groups who wish to sponsor election-related events on campus.

Our Commitment

Fayetteville State University is a strong supporter of student involvement in the voting process. Registered student organizations are encouraged to hold voter registration drives, as well as host voter education forums and invite candidates to campus events. However, as a state institution every voting related activity is scrutinized to ensure non-partisanship and fair, equal treatment of all candidates.

To that end, we ask that all candidates adhere to policies regarding political campaigning on campus. These policies and our implementation are based on North Carolina General Statutes Section 126-13 and 126-14. These policies apply to FSU faculty, staff, and students as well as individuals external to FSU. The policies are not intended to limit discussion among faculty, administrators, and other State employees regarding political or campaign issues, or candidates, or to limit debate. 

  1. The campus free speech zone is located in front of the Rudolph Jones Student Center. You and/or your campaign staff may distribute campaign materials in this area only.
  2. The only entities approved for voter registration one campus are registered student organizations. External groups may partner with a student group for voter registration activities but that is entirely up to the student group.
  3. Flyers may not be posted on campus. This includes poles, classrooms, trees, building interiors and exteriors, and any office exterior doors or windows.
  4. Candidates, campaign staff and volunteers may not interrupt classes to promote campaigns/events/candidate.
  5. Sponsors of student-sponsored campus events related to voting/voting education must extend an invitation to all candidates for a particular office, if they plan to invite one. The event may proceed if the other candidates decline the invitation. If this is not done, the event is considered partisan. (see below)
  6. Campus facilities may be used for campaign related activities, however, if they are partisan in nature, the organizations must pay to use the facility, as well as for security, set-up, chairs, audio, etc.
  7. The University logo and/or any other registered trademarks may not be used in association with any campaign literature.
  8. We would consider it a courtesy if you inform us of your plans to be on campus. You may do so by calling (910) 672-1685 or sending an email to

Our office does not coordinate the partnerships with student groups. We allow our student groups to determine with whom they choose to partner. However, we do keep an list of organizations that work in this area on our webpage as a resource for the students.

>Please make sure that your voter registration is updated. If you have recently moved off campus or from your residence address to another, then it is important that you notify your county board of elections immediately.

To avoid any delays and get the right ballot on election day, you can do one of three things to update your information:

Make change on your voter identification card, and send it in to the address below.
A signed letter to your local board of elections with new residential address.
Completing another voter application form.

This must be done before or on October 12, 2012. The address for the Cumberland County Board of Elections:

County Contact Information:

Courthouse Mailing address
117 Dick Street PO Box 1829
Fayetteville, NC 28301 Fayetteville, NC 28302

In an effort to make sure that you are properly registered, you can contact the Cumberland County Board of Elections: (Phone:910-678-7733)

You can also check your voter registration status, current district, and current representatives by visiting the State Board of Elections Website at

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