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Human Subjects Policy

HumanFayetteville State University, in compliance with Federal regulation, Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 46 (revised June 18, 1991) establishes this Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Human Research Subjects.  This policy and its procedures applies to all research involving human subjects conducted under the auspices of a department, school, or research unit, regardless of funding status. 

Every person conducting research involving human subjects at Fayetteville State University is expected to be aware and implement the university’s Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Human Research Subjects.  As a part of the university’s primary mission of education, every person involved in any phase of research in which human subjects are included must be educated to the principles and values which govern such research activities. 

Included in this document are “Procedures to Conduct Research Involving Human Subjects.”  Failure to abide by the policy and procedures will be considered a violation and shall be dealt with accordingly.   

Regulations extend to the use of human organs, tissues, and body fluids from individually identifiable human subjects as well as to graphic, written, or recorded information derived from individually identifiable human subjects.  The use of autopsy materials is governed by applicable State of North Carolina law and is not directly regulated by 45CFR46.

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