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The STEM Program is a federally funded grant in the amount of 3 million dollars.  The program is used to award scholarship funds to African-American low income students of Fayetteville State University who wish to receive a Master's degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or a Mathematics discipline.

The STEM Program is designed to enhance the lives of our scholars through professional development.  Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $5,000 for each academic semester and are to not exceed $45,000.  Scholars are expected to complete their degree requirements within 3 (three) years.

We are committed to enriching the lives of our scholars through our ability to help them create balance and stability, of which both are needed to live productive and effective lives.  We are committed to helping each STEM scholar take excellent measures.


 2013-2014 STEM Scholars



Contact Information:

Doreen B. Hilton, Ph. D
HBCU Master's Degree STEM Program Director
Office ( 910) 672-2004
Fax (910) 672-1470


Mrs. Molly N. Williams, MSW, BS
HBCU Master's Degree STEM Graduate Advisor
Office (910) 672-2005
Fax (910) 672-1470


Ms. Esslita Williams, BS
HBCU Master's Degree STEM Administrative Assistant
Office (910) 672-2004
Fax (910) 672-1470

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