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Dr. HiltonDoreen B. Hilton, Ph.D.

Dr. Hilton currently serves as the Director of the HBCU Master's Degree STEM Program, the assistant Dean of The Graduate School, and a Professor of Psychology. She recieved her B.A. degree from Johnson C. Smith in Psychology and her M.A and Ph.D from Ohio State University in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Hilton is extremely passionate about the progression of all students. She allots her time and energy towards her favorite quote: "intensive and extensive mentoring and advisement."


STEM Faculty
Name Department E-mail Phone
Shirley Chao Biological Sciences 910-672-1427
Abdelmajid Kassem Biological Sciences 910-672-1114
Muhammad Lodhi Biological Sciences 910-672-1658
Xin Tang Math & Computer Science 919-672-2206
Faren R. Wolter Natural Sciences 910-672-2512
Lieceng Zhu Biological Sciences 910-672-1655
Subir Nagdas Chemistry & Physics 910-672-2073
Jairo Castillo-Chara Chemistry & Physics 910-672-2062
Shubo Han Chemistry & Physics 910-672-1303
Deepthika Senaratne Math & Computer Science 910-672-1668
Dong Wang Mathematics 910-672-1136
Denny Bogdan Czejdo Math & Computer Science 910-672-2466
Wu Jing Math & Computer Science 910-672-2205
Asitha Kodippili Math & Computer Science 910-672-1518
Zhenlu Cui Math & Computer Science 910 672 1164
Bo Zhang Math & Computer Science 910-672-1786
Priscilla Manarino Leggett Elementary Education 910-672-1586
Peter Eley Middle Grades, Secondary 910-672-1183
Cevdet Akbay Chemistry & Physics 910-672-1943


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