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STEM Scholarship

STEM Scholarship is for students who degree is in the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The program will award six (6) Scholarships which will range from $3,000 to $5,000 per term for fall, spring and summer. Specific criteria will be used in selecting students for scholarships. The criteria includes previous academic record, appropriate test scores, financial need, and letters of reference.

  • STEM Scholarship application requirement

The University faculty and the faculty within STEM departments believe that providing financial resources, meaningful academic advisement, opportunities for authentic research experiences and effective mentoring from STEM faculty will support learning and enhance effective recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation of students in the STEM disciplines.

Students will have opportunities for participation in summer internships, research "camps," and participation in such efforts as a graduate summer statistics institute that address one of the areas of greatest challenge for graduate students.

With accepting a STEM Scholarship there are requirements the student has to abide by. The statement of understanding list the requirements and states the student understands the rules that he/she has to follow.

STEM Graduate Students

Alexander-Lee, Gabrielle M.A.T. Middle Grades Math
Boney, Melanie M.S. Biology
Bazzelle, Richard M.S. Biology
Brockington, Shari M.Ed Secondary Math
Brooks, Kevin M.S. Mathematics
Davis, Robert E. M.ED Secondary Math
Eni, Michael M.S. Mathematics
McGill, Tonja M.Ed Middle Grades Math
Noell, Kristin M.S. Biology
Sharp, Bruce M.Ed Secondary Math
Carter, Phylisicia M.S. Mathematics
Thompson, Laila M.ED Secondary Math
Currie, Yaleaka M. S. Biology
Wright, Christopher M. Ed Math
Underwood, Joshua M.S. Biology
Azenui, Felix M.S. Mathematics
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