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Thesis and Dissertation Processing

  1. The Thesis or Dissertation Chair is responsible for making sure the final document is in proper order. Upon final completion of an approved and corrected thesis or dissertation, the chair of the committee should attach his/her signature to the title page.
    Upon final completion of a thesis or dissertation, a students needs to go to the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School and request a copy of the Pro-Quest form from Mrs. Deborah Robinson. Attached to this form will be two pages of codes that are used to identify the nature of the work. The proper code or codes need to be chosen and inserted in the space provided. All information needs to be typed.
  2. A fee of $80 for thesis and $180 for dissertation is to be paid at the cashier's office. The cashier should deposit the fees into account 2539-50103-A101-25890 and provide the student with a receipt.
  3. The College/School Dean's office will send an original and three copies of the manuscript (unbound) to The Graduate School Office no later than May 3, 2010 prepared as follows:
    1. The Original manuscript and the completed Pro-Quest form should be placed in a large envelope with a copy of the receipt from the cashier's office attached to the envelope.
    2. Three additional copies of the manuscripts should be in one separate large envelope.
    3. The student's name should be printed on the outside of both envelopes.
  4. The Graduate School Office will take all documents to the library and give them to Ms. Vera Hooks in the library (Periodical Section).
  5. When the Pro-Quest copy comes back from Michigan, the Dean of the Graduate School will send the remaining unbound copies to the Library for binding. When they are returned from the bindery, the copies are distributed to:
    1. The Library
    2. The Department
    3. The Dean of the Graduate School
    4. The Student
  6. A student will not be cleared for graduation until the Office of the Dean of The Graduate School receives the four unbound copies.

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