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Greeting from the Director

During your time in the Honors Program at FSU, you will be faced with tremendous opportunities-once-in-a-lifetime chances to study abroad; to participate in internships with leading organizations in business, government, and public service; to serve as scholar assistants with leading faculty in your field of study; to participate in student-to-student leadership mentoring; and to do international travel and research. However, with those opportunities come responsibilities. >> Read More


What's New?

During the 2008-2009 academic year, FSU restructured its Honors Program. Applicants to the new Honors Program (Honors in the Major)must complete one semester of study at FSU before being admitted. Recruitment for the new program will begin in spring 2009.

Honors Advisory Committee

Dr. Trela Anderson
Dr. John I Brooks, III
Dr. Yunkai Chen
Dr. Todd Frobish
Dr. Petur Jonsson
Dr. Roger Klomegah
Dr. Manarino-Leggett
Dr. James Raynor
Dr. Lou Riggans
Dr. Erin White, ex-officio

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