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Leave Administration

Bonus Leave Family Medical Leave Sick Leave
Civil Leave Incentive Leave Special Leave
Community Service Leave Leave Without Pay Vacation Leave
Educational Military Leave Voluntary Shared Leave
Family Illness


Law Time- 2017 28-day Calendar
LawTime- Instructions for Law Enforcement Officers
Law Time- How it Works
Campus Leave Reporting Guideline - Effective April 1, 2013
Instructions to reset Self Service Banner (SSB) PIN
Proxy Set-up - Instructions on how to set up
Smart Time - SHRA 2017 Bi-Weekly Calendar
Smart Time - Time and Leave Entry Instructions for SHRA Non-Exempt Employees
Web Leave Entry Instructions for EHRA and SHRA Exempt Employees
Web Leave Entry Approval Process for Supervisors
Guidelines for Bereavement-Expressions of Sympathy


Campus Leave of Absence Request Form
Community Service Leave Form
FMLA - Preliminary Application *Must be attached with FMLA  Certification of Health Care Provider  Form*
FMLA - Employee's Serious Medical Condition
FMLA - Family Member's Serious Medical Condition
FMLA - Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
FMLA - Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Servicemember
FMLA - Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave
Voluntary Leave Donation Request Form
Voluntary Shared Leave Request Form


University employees are provided several different leave programs to meet their needs for absences from work during scheduled working hours. Such absences from work are charged to the appropriate leave account of the employee.  Refer to the appropriate link below for your employee classification.

EHRA Faculty
EHRA Non-Faculty SAAO Tier I
EHRA Non-Faculty SAAO Tier II

SHRA Employees - see below or refer to OSP policy
Serious Illness Leave for Faculty

The administration of the leave program rests entirely with the Office of Human Resources.


Hours worked in excess of the employee's established work schedule shall be used to offset leave reported in the same overtime period.  If employees work additional hours outside their normal schedule in a work week in which they also have scheduled or taken time off, the additional time worked "offsets" the time that the employee intended to cover with available leave.


The Human Resources Office maintains the following official cumulative leave records on each permanent SHRA employee and leave accruing EHRA employee.  Leave records will be maintained on:

Civil Leave and Supporting Documentation
Community Service Leave and Supporting Documentation
Military Leave and Supporting Documentation
Voluntary Shared Leave
Family Illness Leave
Family Medical Leave

Campus leave request forms will no longer be accepted at the Human Resources Office, with the exception for:  Community Service, Jury Duty, and Military leave MUST be submitted to the Human Resources Office.  Supervisors are required to maintain supporting documentation of requests for leaves of absence (i.e. bonus, vacation, sick) in accordance with the State Retention Schedule.


All leave time must be recorded on the employee's monthly timesheet and/or leave report.

1. All leave accruing EHRA and SHRA Exempt (not subject to FLSA overtime regulations) employees are required to certify their leave report each month via web entry on Self Service Banner.   All employee leave report certification must be completed and submitted to their supervisor for approval by the first day of the following month (i.e. June leave report is due July 1). Supervisors are required to review and approve all their employees' web leave certifications by the fifth of the following month (i.e. June leave report must be approved by July 5th).

2. Effective March 10, 2014, all SHRA Non-Exempt (subject to FLSA overtime regulations) are required to submit an electronic timesheet/leave report every two weeks (schedule).  Supervisors must review and approve all employees' time records prior to 4:00 pm the Monday following the two-week reporting period.

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