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HR 4.0 Human Resources Office Policies and Procedures

Use of Computer Resources
Employee Confidentiality Statement
Adverse Weather and Campus Closure
Worksite Wellness Program

HRD 1 Introduction

The purpose of the Human Resources Office at Fayetteville State University is to support the institutional mission of the University by providing comprehensive and timely human resource services with respect to recruitment and employment, benefits administration, classification and salary administration, staff development and training, employee safety and health, and employee relations for all staff employees subject to the State Personnel Act. This Department also monitors employee safety and health, and provides benefits administration and other less comprehensive personnel services for faculty members and staff employees exempt from the State Personnel Act. In addition, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources is designated as the University Affirmative Action Officer with full responsibility for the University's programs of Equal Employment Opportunity through Affirmative Action. We look forward to every opportunity to interface with and provide services to our students, staff/faculty, and the public at-large, as we go about our business of providing quality customer service to all we serve.

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HRD 1.1 Mission Statement

The Human Resources Office has responsibility for:

  • Developing and implementing innovative human resources management strategies and programs to attract, compensate, develop, motivate, and retain the best qualified staff employees whose diversity and skills contribute to and sustain Fayetteville State University's stature as a quality educational and comprehensive Level -1 institution;
  • Providing a safe environment in which all members of the University community may work, study and live.

In carrying out this mission, members of the Human Resources Office will be guided by the following objectives:

  • Quality is to be the hallmark of the Human Resources Office. 
  • Develop a consensus-building approach to the development of policies and procedures. Eliminate red tape and bureaucracy. 
  • Solicit input from appropriate sources and move decision-making to the lowest level practical. 
  • Set priorities and achieve our goals through the use of plans tied to measurable results and observable behaviors. 
  • Efficiently and effectively manage the resources (people, funds and facilities) provided to accomplish our mission and achieve our goals. 
  • Improve communication, information management, and the use of technology. 
  • Promote a "customer service" orientation in all we say or do. 
  • Seek to reward and recognize staff employees for excellence and innovation. Emphasize the achievement of successful results. 
  • Encourage participation in training programs to build competencies and strengthen team-building.

As an organization, the Human Resources Office values collegiality, excellence, and customer service as exemplified in behavior reflecting teamwork, flexibility, innovation, results and ethical actions.

To accomplish the mission and carry out the functions listed, the Human Resources Office is organized as indicated on the organization chart (see HRD 1.2).

Long-term goals and short-term objectives for the Human Resources Office are jointly developed by the Director of Human Resources and the functional area leaders. These goals and objectives are reviewed, updated, and published annually. They describe the desired results (future) toward which the efforts (present) of the staff are directed. The goals and objectives also serve as standards for evaluating the work performances which are documented annually (Human Resources Office Annual Report). In addition, the goals and objectives are a major source of input to the development of each staff member's Performance Management Workplan, which is used in the annual evaluation of the staff member's performance as compared to established expectations.

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HRD 1.2 Organization Chart

HRD 2 Administrative Structure

HRD 2.1 Job Descriptions

Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources (Interim- Ben Simmons)

  • Work with the Executive Staff of the University regarding Human Resource implications of plans and strategies.
  • Plan for future staffing (non-faculty) needs.
  • Ensure fair and consistent implementation of personnel policies and procedures.
  • Direct the administration of compensation programs including fringe benefits.
  • Design appropriate staff recruitment and employment strategies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state fair employment laws and other legal restrictions in all employment practices.
  • Direct the administration of a performance management system for classified (SHRA) staff employees based on established performance expectations.
  • Stay abreast of employee relations issues and be prepared to offer recommendations for problem-solving.
  • Oversee the fair application of staff employee grievance procedures.
  • Ensure employee personnel records (both hard-copy and computer-supported) are properly maintained.
  • Ensure compliance with safety and health standards.
  • Administer an Affirmative Action Plan to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Budget Administration for the Office

Affirmative Action

  • Preparation of Annual Updates to the University's Affirmative Action Plan in accordance with OFCCP Revised Order 4.
  • Compliance Reviews.
  • Investigation of complaints filed with outside agencies (e.g. OAH, EEOC, OFCCP, etc.)

HR Manager/Assistant Director for Human Resources (Ben Simmons)

  • Oveersee EPA/Faculty staffing
  • Manage position classification/compensation programs.
  • Career-Banding Liason
  • Oversee Recruitment and Selection
  • EEO/AA Officer 

Manager of HR Services Unit/Benefits

  • Temporary Employment
  • Manage "Extra Duty" Compensation
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Salary surveys
  • Cyclic audits
  • Special report request
  • Integrity of the HRS Database (Personnel)
  • Personnel and position actions (Direct Entry)
  • Files and records management

Manager of Benefits (Yanis Quinonez)

  • Faculty and Staff Benefits Program
  • Benefit Analysis and Statistics
  • Employee Counseling including Annual reviews
  • Maintain Individual Benefits Files (All employees)
  • Health Benefits Representative
  • Employee In/Out-Processing
  • Conduct benefit orientation for full-time employees
  • Reconcile insurance invoices
  • Maintain confidential personnel files

Employee Relations (Kimberly Weston Moore)


  • Conduct/analyze needs surveys
  • Provide assistance with Employee Relations issue
  • Employee Relations Statistics/Trends collection
  • Maintain Employee Relations Database
  • Maintain active and inactive employee relation files
  • Process discipline and adverse actions
  • Process grievances and appeals
  • University Mediator 
  • Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
  • Receive and submit Unemployment claims to TALX/ESC
  • Receive and process Worker's Compensation Program

Training & Staff Development (Heidi Czlapinski)

  • Analyze needs surveys
  • Update training calendar
  • Plan and facilitate Training/Staff Development Programs
  • Facilitate supervisor training
  • Coordinate off campus trainings
  • Interaction Management
  • Educational assistance processing
  • Tuition Waiver Processing
  • New Employee Orientation (Faculty and Staff)
  • Monitor training database
  • Performance Management Program (SHRA and EHRA)
  • Staff recognition and awards
  • Faculty/Staff Wellness Program

Manager of Classification & Compensation (Keisha Ford)

  • Position Management (Staff)
  • Position Classification (including "non-teaching" EHRA Employees)
  • Classification Reviews (Appeals)
  • Review of Classification Standards
  • Position Analysis
  • Job Audits
  • Maintain Organizational Charts
  • Maintain Position Description Files (EHRA and SHRA Staff)
  • Career progression adjustments
  • Competency assessments
  • Salary adminstration

Employment Manager (Shannon Boatwright)

  • Recruitment
  • Employment information
  • Qualifications review
  • Salary administration
  • Review of selection
  • Staff employment statistics
  • Job vacancy website (PeopleAdmin)

Contracts Administrator (Tonya D. Williams)

  • Assist the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources with advising the campus’ senior administration and the leadership of major academic units on EHRA and academic personnel
  • Serve as the university’s EHRA personnel contract administrator with management of day to day operations of the contract office.
  • First point of contact for EHRA personnel contracts
  • Remain current and familiar with all policies and procedures related to exempt personnel
  • Provide training on EHRA personnel procedures and policies
  • Evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of the EHRA personnel administration process against applicable policies, procedures and laws
  • Manage the process of position assignment
  • Management of all recommendations submitted to the EHRA Contract Office
  • Monitor and update the EHRA salary document (formerly named the BD-119) working with the Provost and budget officer
  • Exercise and execute judgment in the interpretation, application and enforcement of state, university and foreign national immigration regulations for EHRA personnel.
  • Provide accurate personnel and payroll information (EHRA)
  • Assists in the management of the People Admin online application process

Personnel Assistant IV (Sharon Soles)

  • Assist Manager of Personnel Services
  • Banner Data Entry
  • Banner reporting
  • Process temporary employee payroll 
  • Personnel actions
  • File maintenance
  • Clerical support

Employment/Recruitment (Shannon Boatwright)

  • Department Receptionist
  • Applicant advisement
  • Application data entry
  • Assist with employment and recruitment
  • Personnel file liason

Banner Data Entry (Theressa Graham)

  • Leave program
  • Data comparison
  • Web time-entry
  • Degree verification

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HRD 2.2 Human Resources Office Administration

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources is responsible for the overall administration of Human Resource programs and reports to the Chief of Staff.

1. Office Hours

The Human Resources Office hours are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Flex hours are observed beginnig the third week in May and ending the first Friday in August.  The Office is on a rotating schedule to provide services during scheduled hours.

2. Staff Meetings

The Human Resources Office staff meetings are scheduled at the discretion of the Accociate Vice Chancellor. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources meets with the Chief of Staff on a weekly basis.

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HRD2.3 Telephone Directory and E-Mail Addresses

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The Human Resources Office follows the university calendars in order to provide services to the university.

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