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Age Limitation for Employment and Retention

Authority: Chancellor, Office of State Personnel

Category: General University Policies

Applies to: All Faculty and Staff

History: Issued – 03/21/01

Related Policies: Office of State Personnel Policies on Age Limitations

Contact for Info: The Office of Human Resources (910) 672-2889


The University does not and will not practice or permit discrimination in employment on the basis of age if an individual is otherwise qualified.  However, Federal and State minimum and maximum age limitations must be considered.


The minimum employment age is 18 years.  Exceptions are provided under the law if the employing agency  procures an Employment Certificate from the County Social Services Department.

A. Restrictive Laws:

A minor’s employment, work assignments, working conditions, pay and hours of work are covered by complex, stringent Child Labor Laws.  These laws place the burden on the University, as the employer, to permit only that employment and those assignments which are not prohibited.

B. Human Resources Contact:

With the above in mind, any supervisor considering the employment of a minor must contact the University Human Resources Office for specific instructions.

C. Law Enforcement Officer:

A person employed as a law enforcement officer must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.


A law enforcement officer can retire with an unreduced benefit at age 55 with 5 years of credit as an officer, or at any age after 30 years of credit; reduced benefit after age 50 and 15 years of credit as an officer.


If through established medical examination procedures an employee is found not physically fit for the performance of his/her duties by their physician, the employee may be eligible for the NC Disability Income Plan.


After an employee has retired on an early or service retirement allowance, the employee may accept re-employment by a unit of the Retirement System, subject to certain limitations.  In all cases, the employee should contact the Human Resources Office on the conditions of re-employment.


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