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Out-Processing Procedure

Authority: Chancellor, Office of Human Resources
Category: General University Policies
Applies to: All Faculty and Staff
History: Approved – 10/15/98
Related Policies: Office of State Personnel Policies on Separation
Contact for Info: The Office of Human Resources (910) 672-1828

1. General
  1. The termination notification procedures described below are applicable to all members of the "full-time" faculty, the EHRA Staff, and the permanent and probationary SHRA Staff.
  2. The University has a responsibility to inform each terminating employee of certain rights protected by Federal legislation. Non-compliance with such laws can result in costly penalties, which is why it is very important to notify the HR Services Office when a member of the faculty or staff is about to terminate the employment relationship. The HR Services Office will notify other offices when an employee leaves the University. For example, Payroll, to assure the individual is paid properly; Parking Services, for collection of outstanding fines and deletion of automotive information from its data systems; Facilities Maintenance, for proper collection of building/office keys; Library, for collection of literary fines; ITS, to ensure passwords and other access codes are deleted from the system in a timely manner to guard against system sabotage, etc. This facilitates a smooth exit and relieves individual departments of the notification process.
2. Termination Notification Procedure

Upon learning a member of the faculty or staff intends to leave University employment, the following actions should occur:


Actions to Take


1. Advises terminating employee to immediately contact the HR Services Office for out processing instructions.

2. Provides the HR Services Office with the original resignation letter (if applicable).

HR Services Manager

3. Sends email to departments involved in the final clearance of an employee.

4. Sends Final Clearance document to the employee with instructions to obtain signatures from all of the departments listed on the document.

Terminating Employee

5. Contacts each unit on the Final Clearance document and obtains appropriate departmental signature.

6. Gives HR Services Manager completed Clearance document.

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