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Position Management

Section: HR
Part: Policy
Statement: 13
Effective Date: 3/21/01


It is the policy of the University and the State of North Carolina to deliver its programs of service and achieve its objective through sound management practice.  A basic part of this practice is effective and economical position management.  Position management involves the design and control of individual positions to achieve a proper balance of values among the following management considerations:

  1. Number of positions;
  2. Total cost of services;
  3. Maximum attraction, retention, and motivation of competent personnel;
  4. Provision for maximum developmental opportunities;
  5. Effective use of work processes, equipment and techniques; and
  6. Clear delineation of duties and responsibilities.

Good position management reflects the composite resolution of these often conflicting values.

Supervisory Responsibility: 

Position management is inherently the responsibility of managers and supervisors.  Staff assistance in this area is available to management from the University Human Resources Office and the Office of State Personnel.


Determining Level of Job:

In determining the correct level of a position, the following classification factors are studied:

  1.  Variety and complexity of work;
  2.  Analytical requirement (thinking necessary for solving problems);
  3. Responsibility for work decisions and their importance;
  4. Supervisory duties;
  5. Supervision received; and
  6. Nature and significance of public contacts;
  7. Working conditions;
  8. Knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Standard of Measurement:

The State Personnel Office prepares a specification sheet on each job classification.  This sheet includes a brief description of work, examples of duties performed, and recruitment standards for that particular class.  The University Human Resources Office uses the specification sheet as a guide in determining the proper classification of a position.


The Human Resources Office adheres to a strict position control system guided by the provisions of the state Personnel Act.  Each SHRA (Subject to the Human Resources Act) position at the University is assigned a position number.  All supervisors need to know the position classification and position number of all persons working under their supervision.

Necessary Employee Number:

In filling out necessary forms on employees, the position number should be mentioned because it is the key number in all transactions regarding personnel at the University.


Involve Everyone:

The Office of State Personnel is generally responsible for establishing, revising and maintaining the Classification Plan for the entire State government.  Agency heads may report the need for classification action; or the Office of State Personnel may initiate studies of positions to determine that classifications are current.  While central control of the Classification Plan is retained by the Office of State Personnel, the maintenance of the plan at FSU is the responsibility of the Human Resources Office with input from individual employees, immediate supervisors, and administrators. 

A major responsibility for the classification plan rests with line management – administrators and supervisors.  They are responsible for:

  1. Determining the duties and responsibilities of positions; 
  2. Assigning individual employees to work and informing them of their assignment; 
  3. Informing employees of their working organization;
  4.  Informing employees of the need for classification action to the Human Resources Office. 

These are integral parts of their general responsibility for efficient and economical management.

It is up to the individual employee or supervisor to recognize when a position has changed to the point that a reclassification for that position may be requested.  If, after the supervisor studies the position and determines the position has changed, a detailed study of the position can be requested by the University Human Resources Office. 

To conduct a position study, the Human Resources Office issues to the supervisor a copy of the job description form (CB-102) to be prepared by the employee or supervisor.  The employee/supervisor must complete the description, answering all questions on the form and giving a detailed description of the duties being performed.

The form is submitted to the Human Resources Office where an analyst studies the description and in some cases conducts a desk audit.  Once a decision has been made by the Human Resources Office, necessary forms are submitted to the Office of State Personnel for final approval.  The Human Resources Office notifies the supervisor and employee of the classificationdecision when it is determined.

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