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Fayetteville State University (FSU)
is a student-centered, progressive institution that is rich in heritage and growing at a record pace. To be an academic leader in the community and within the UNC system, it is vital for our university to market a clear and cohesive brand image to the public. The goal is to build and reinforce perceptions of FSU as an institution that is vibrant, diverse, confident, and expanding.

Our mutual investment in expressing and protecting our image will have rewards. We will gain the benefits of increased name recognition and make a stronger, more meaningful impression on all of our audiences. Further, we will build equity in our university's image-amplifying our voice within the community, throughout the state and across the nation.

Working together to establish a strong cohesive brand image for FSU will help us achieve greater growth; attract and retain the best students; unite and empower faculty and staff; better focus our communicatoins, decisions, and actions; and set even higher academic and service standards.

All of our interactions, communications, programs, and services reflect the university's values, personality and attributes clearly and persuasively. This is the role and responsibility of the FSU Office of Marketing and Special Events. We believe consistency is key. Speaking with confidence and presenting to the community, while also instilling a sense of pride on campus with one distinguished look and voice, will help FSU market its brand successfully.

Through the consistent use of message, tone, and such elements as our logos, tagline, and color, FSU will solidify its image in the minds of those on campus, in the community, and beyond. 

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