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Materials Characterization

Agilent 5500 Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Probe Microscope (AFM/SPM)

Location: LSA 344

Contact: Dr. Shubo Han

Instrument features

  • Highly modular microscope and scanner
  • Optional Integrated environmental & temperature control
  • Easy fluid operation with open cell
  • Easy sample access with top-down scanning

For more information, visit Keysight website.



Rigaku MiniFlex 600 X-ray Diffractometer

Location: LSA 344

Contact: Dr. Zhiping Luo

The 5th generation MiniFlex 600 is a general purpose X-ray diffractometer that can perform qualitative and quantitative structural analysis of polycrystalline materials.

Key Features

  • 600 W X-ray Generator
  • Diffracted Beam Monochromator for Cu Radiation
  • 6-Position Sample Changer with Sample Spinner (ASC-6)
  • MiniFlex Guidance Software for Windows 7 Professional
  • PDXL Comprehensive Analysis Package
  • PDXL Qualitative Analysis Package
  • PDXL Quantitative Analysis Package
  • PDXL Whole Pattern Fitting/Rietveld
  • Crystallography Open Database


  • Phase identification
  • Phase quantification
  • Percent (%) crystallinity
  • Crystallite size and strain
  • Lattice parameter refinement
  • Rietveld refinement
  • Molecular structure

For more information, visit Rigaku website.



Shimadzu DTG-60 Simultaneous Thermogravimetry/Differential Thermal Analyzer

Location: LS 119

Contact: Dr. Zhiping Luo

 Thermal Analyzer


Metallurgical and Stereo Light Microscopes with CCD Cameras

Location: LSA 244

Contact: Dr. Zhiping Luo


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