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How To Enroll

How can international students enroll in courses through ICOE?

1.  Print the application form and fill out. Scan form back to Prof. Sharmila Udyavar at by July 15, 2017 for initial enrollment.

2.  Submit by email a letter of attestation from appropriate official at home institution which confirms that the student

  • Is enrolled as an official student at the partner institution
  • Is approved by home institution to enroll in ICOE, and
  • Possesses a level of language proficiency required for success in ICOE courses                                  

A sample letter of attestation can be found in Forms.

3. To select courses, please check course listing that will be sent to you or available on the website at least 3 months prior to each semester. The course list for Fall 2017 can be found in Course Offerings

4. Once you have finalized the course you would like to enroll, in please submit your preferences to Prof. Sharmila Udyavar at Contact Prof. Sharmila Udyavar if you have any questions about course selection or need general guidance.

Next Steps

1.Upon submission and approval of the application form you will receive a letter of acceptance from Fayetteville State University. Upon admission, a banner number, network login, and email id will be generated for you. This information will be emailed to you. You may change your password for banner and network at any time. However, please keep a careful record of your passwords as troubleshooting is difficult and time consuming if you forget or misplace your passwords. This might result in a waste of precious time in a 16-week semester.

2. You may log into Canvas LMS using your network login and password. The online course will be conducted through Canvas. Please log in to CANVAS on a daily basis to keep up with your coursework. If you have trouble navigating CANVAS, please contact Prof. Sharmila Udyavar at

3. For course related communication, only FSU (bronco) email will be utilized by faculty.

4. Make payment of $350 by the end of the fourth week of semester or term. E.g. if the semester begins on August 15, 2017, your payment will be due by September 15, 2017 at the latest to avoid being dropped from the course. 

Note:  ICOE students will have up to four weeks to make sure they wish to remain enrolled.  Students who do not pay by the end of the fourth week will be dropped from the course and all charges reversed.   

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