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Integrated STEM Academic Success - ISAS

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Internal Advisory Board Members

Name Department
Dr. Jon Young Academic Affairs, Provost & Vice Chancellor
Dr. David Barlow College of Arts & Sciences, Dean
Dr. Leontye Lewis Academic Affairs PACE, Dean
Dr. Leslie Evelyn Sponsored Research & Programs, Director
Ms. Yolanda Bonnett Contracts & Grants, Director
Dr. Booker Juma Chemistry & Physics, Dept. Chair
Ms. Helene Cameron Career Services Center, Director
Dr. Janice Haynie Academic Affairs PACE, Vice Chancellor 
Dr. Abdelmajid Kassem Biological Sciences, Dept. Chair
Dr. John Brooks University College, Dean
Dr. Dwight House Mathematics & Computer Science, Dept. Chair
Dr. Daniel Okunbor College of Arts & Sciences, Asst. Dean
Dr. Erin White Natural Sciences, Asst. Professor
Dr. Kimberly Smith-Burton Mathematics & Science Education Center, Director
Dr. Sambit Bhattacharya Mathematics & Computer Science, Asst. Professor
Project Evaluator Department
Dr. Helen Asemota Shaw University, Dept. Natural Science & Mathematics, Professor

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