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Science & Tech Building, Rm: 443
 Lyons Science Buidling, Rm: 230
 Hours: Monday-Friday
 8:00 a.m.-7:00p.m.

For More Information Contact:

Richard Bazzelle
Professional Tutor (S)
Science & Tech Building, Rm :427

Michael Eni
Professional Tutor (M)
Science & Tech Building, Rm: 428

Tutorial Services

Intrusive tutorial services are provided for all science, math, and computer science students enrolled in 100, 200, & 300 level biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics courses.  Students are matched with tutors based on the following:  course type, course instructor, and best tutorial session times.  The tutorial sessions are one-on-one, but in some cases, a small group approach will be utilized.  Students will meet with their tutor at least two (2) hours per week for each course.  The tutorial sessions are time intensive, extremely interactive and will be monitored.  In addition, the professional tutors will work with STEM faculty/peer tutors to design and implement recitation activities to reinforce key concepts.


HOT Classes Currently Available for Individual/Group Tutoring...


BIOL 150 Principles of Biology
BIOL 200 Cell Biology
ZOOL 110 General Zoology
CHEM 140 General Chemistry
CHEM 160 General Chemistry
PHYS 111 General Phys
PHYS 121 College Phys I
PHYS 122 College Phys II
PHYS 123 College Phys III
BIOL 225 Scientific Communication
BOTN 210 General Botany
FORS 200 Intro Forensic Science
MEDI 200 Medical Terminology
BTCH 210 Intro Biotechnology
BTCH 220 Biotechniques





Math 123 - College Algebra
Math 129- Pre- Calculus I
MATH 130 -Precalculus II
MATH 140- Applied Calculus

Math 142- Calculus w/ Analytic Geomerty I
Math 150- Discrete Mathematics
Math 241- Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry II
Math 242- Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry III
Math 250- Discrete Mathematics II
Math 251- Linear Algebra
CSC 105- Intro Program Methodologies
CSC 120- Intro Programming Methodology
CSC 130- Program Design & Implementation
CSC 220- Data Structures & Algorithms
STAT 202- Basic Probability & Statistics


                                                        Tutoring is always available for ANY course needed that may not be listed!

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