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The account used to login to the Canvas LMS is your FSU Network Account (not your 83#, not your email address).  Your Network Account is the left side of your FSU email address, to the left of the "@" symbol in your FSU email address.

  • Most users (all students & faculty) use their FSU Network Accounts to authenticate into the Canvas LMS.
    • The login page for all students and faculty is located here:
    • Network passwords expire every 90 days.  If your password isn't working, here are a few ways to reset it, or have it reset:
      • Visit the Self Service Portal and attempt to reset your password:
      • If you are on campus, you can attempt to login to a Network PC.  If your password has expired, you will be prompted to enter a new password. *You will need to know what your previous password was during this process.
      • Call the ITTS Help Desk at (910) 672-HELP  (672-4357) and ask for a Password Reset.
  • There are a few exceptions, and those users that do not have an FSU Network Account, but have been given a Canvas account & password can attempt to login at the following location:


Once you are logged into Canvas there is a great deal of help available to you.  Find the ?Help logo in the bottom left navigation area and click on it.

Canvas Help Logo

  • Ask Your Instructor a Question.
  • Search the Canvas Guides (How to do stuff in Canvas.)
  • Report a Problem
  • Canvas Support Hotline (Phone 'em.)
  • Chat with Canvas Support
  • FSU Canvas Student Orientation (Student Canvas Self-Training Course)
  • Ask the Community
  • Submit a Feature Idea
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