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Telephone Services

Telephone Services provides University administrative telephone service to all faculty and staff and includes on-campus, local,
and long distance calling services, as well as voice mail service. Services are provided to locations on and off campus.

Mitel VoIP Phone Models

  • Phone Models and Guides
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Model 6863i

Ideal for professionals with light telephone use requirements, the Mitel 6863 SIP Phone has the quality, reliability, and cutting-edge design only Mitel can deliver in an entry-level phone.

Mitel Quick Reference Guide

Model 6863i Videos       $100.00

Model 6867i

Supporting today's high speed networks and business requirements, this feature-rich and affordable SIP phone gives power users the ability to customize their user experience based on their work needs and most frequently used functions.

Mitel Quick Reference Guide

Model 6867i Videos

Model 6869i 

The Mitel 6869 SIP Phone is the most advanced phone of the Mitel 6800 Series, offering remarkable rich telephone features, a large user-friendly interface, and remarkable HD audio quality. Equipped with an extensive number of user customization options and call management applications, the Mitel 6869 guarantees an excellent power user experience.

Mitel Quick Reference Guide

Model 6869i Videos

UC360 Conference Phone 

The Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone makes conference calls clear, easy and efficient. Combining high-definition audio capabilities with 16 microphones that automatically focus towards the person talking, the Conference Phone helps to minimize side conversation pickup and increases speaker clarity.

Mitel Quick Reference Guide No videos available for this model. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for assistance.       $995.00

Telephone Requests

New VoIP Phone Purchase

    • Step #1: Proceed to and submit a Remedy Ticket; please provide the following
      information in the ticket:
      • Name: First Name/Last Name or Department Name (caller-ID info)
      • Location: Building Name and Room Number
      • E-mail Address:
      • Department: For billing purposes
    • Step #2: An invoice for the new VoIP phone will be sent to the requestor;
    • Step #3: The requestor must transfer the amount quoted to the FOAP listed in the invoice. Once this is done,
      you will receive a copy of the invoice for your records.
    • Step #4: A technician will visit the location to install the new phone.
  • Phone Support Requests

Dialing and Voice Mail Instructions

  • Dialing Instructions
    • On-campus dialing: dial 4-digit extension
    • Local dialing: dial 9 + 7-digit number
    • Long distance dialing: dial 9 + 10-digit number
  • Voice Mail Instructions
    • 2 options for checking voicemail remotely
      • Option #1:
        • Dial your 7-digit number, as the greeting plays, press *;
        • then enter your 5-digit password and follow the prompts.
      • Option #2:
        • Call the Voice Portal (910-672-3400);
        • then enter your 4-digit extension and 5-digit password.
      • Checking voicemail from your office
        • Step #1: Press the 2nd soft key to the left of your LCD screen labeled "Voicemail"
        • Step #2: Enter your 5-digit passcode, followed by the # key
        • Step #3: Follow the prompts for further instructions.  

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