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Coldfusion Projects
  • Student Organization/Club Registration - This online application allows student organizations to register or reactivate every school year. The form also allows for internal reporting.
  • MBA Program Application for Admission - This application was designed for the MBA Program staff to improve service to prospective students and better track applicants.
  • Contact Us form - this application allows the Continuing Education department to receive questions a comments from website visitors electronically.
  • Book Voucher Status Lookup - allows students to check the status of their requested book voucher.
  • Orientation Leader Event Journal - internal feature for Orientation Leaders and Student Activities.
  • Google API - dynamic graph displaying number of hits on the site for different keyword searches. Graph included on the FSU Google Search page.
  • Personal information update notification for Human Resources - automated e-mail notification for FSU faculty and staff. Internal use only.
  • Various surveys for iNside FSU - these applications allow students, faculty and staff to see instant results of survey answers.
  • Contact Us form - this application allows the MBA program to receive questions a comments from website visitors electronically.
  • Online course readiness questionnaire - available to prospective online students to assess if they are prepared to take online courses.
  • Dynamic campus announcements - this application allows Public Relations to post announcements, documents, and photos to faculty/staff and student announcement channels within campus intranet, iNside FSU. Discontinued.
  • Central Store/Receiving online shopping cart - This application allows staff and faculty to order office, classroom and break room supplies online. The application also includes an approval process by supervisor and the office of Purchasing before order is processed by the Central Store. The online store is only available from the campus intranet, iNside FSU.
  • Book Voucher Notification - Book Voucher Notification - This application allows the Bursar's Office to notify students about eligibility for Book Vouchers electronically. As students respond to the invite, the Bursar's Office process the requests. Approve students will be paid by a check.
  • Financial Aid Refund Check Disbursement Look Up form - This application allows students to look up the date for the disbursement of their refund check.
  • Strategic Planning Results data and reporting tool for Office of Academic Programs, Planning, and Assessment - This online application was designed to expedite the approval process through an automated e-mail process. The admin part features extensive reporting capabilities. For internal use only.
  • Extra Curricular Transcript Generator for Office of Student Activities - allows students to generate a resume of their Extra Curricular activities, such as leadership positions etc.
  • Comp time reporting tool for ITTS staff - for internal use only.
  • Dynamic Information tool for ITTS staff - to keep staff informed about department projects. Form with input fields for title, date, and article. Automatically sends out e-mail to entire staff, and stores data in database. Includes search features such as "Search by Keyword" or "Search by time frame". For internal use only.
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery - pulls one photo at the time with record navigation features. Includes an archive search by keyword or time frame. Admin feature includes adding new records with photo upload capabilities.
  • Reporting tool for GEAR UP tutors and staff - This application was designed to simplify the attendance record keeping and reporting that is required of the tutors and staff.
  • PC Inventory - Before a faculty or staff member receives a new computer, he/she is required to update his/her campus directory information. The purpose of the application is to allow ITS to quickly determine where a PC is located, who it belongs to, and what kind of PC is it. This information allows ITS to serve the campus community better, and gives a quick view of what computers need to be upgraded. If the current computer specs are below the set minimum standard, the application automatically generates a "Eligible for new PC" work order.
  • Faculty/staff network account creation. The Department chair or secretary fills out a request for a new account. After verification from the Networking administrators, the account is automatically created with both e-mail and home directory functionalities.
  • Application for Honors Program. This application was designed for the Honors Program staff to better track applicants and the already existing honors students, and to minimize data redundancy.
  • Student Identity Search - retrieves student information to include ID card photograph. For internal use only.
  • Request for temporary Utility Accounts
  • SGA, Class Officers, Resident Assistants, and Orientation Leader positions application and approval process. This online application was designed to expedite the process through an automated e-mail process.
  • Sophomore Survey
    Requires login with campus network account. Personalized, fun, and different from a regular survey. Administrators have access to data analysis and automated e-mail notifications.
  • Contact Us form
    Allows FSU website visitors to select an area they need more information about.  Results of form data is e-mailed to the respective area.
  • Online Process Application Request form
    Allows FSU staff members to request "Paperless online processes".
  • Automated e-mail notifications including customer surveys for Facilities Maintenance. For internal use only. Tied in to separate online work order application.
  • File upload form for custom grammar application
    This application enables students to upload simple text files for grammar checking.  For internal Blackboard  use only.
  • Greek Organization Induction Process
    Students who apply for membership into the Greek Organizations, have to go through an approval process by the Organization's advisor, the Registrar's office, Student Health Services, and Student Affairs.  This online application was designed to expedite the process through an automated e-mail process. For internal use only.  
  • Advanced system reporting for Blackboard.  For faculty and administrator use only.  
  • News Release Search
    for the Office of Communications and Public Relations.  Allows the user to search by keyword(s) in topic or title, or by day/month. Discontinued.
  • Dynamic latest news application.
    Displays the last ten entries of the News releases on the News & Events web. Discontinued.
  • Hometown news release submit form.
  • Seminar/Workshop Registration form for the Fayetteville Small Business Center
  • Faculty/Staff Cumulative Leave Look Up form
  • IP Address Look Up
    Tool for the ITTS' Helpdesk.  Displays the user's IP address and Operating System.
  • Searchable Music Library Database for the Performing and Fine Arts Department
  • Department of Middle Grades - Student Reimbursement Form
    This application was designed to expedite the process of the Student Reimbursement Application from the student, to his/her instructor to the department chair, as well as for tracking purposes.
  • Print Shop Inventory Application
    For internal use only
  • Registration Confirmation
    Pre-registered students are required to fill out this form to inform the Business and Finance Office of how they will settle their financial obligations to the University. It is automatically displayed when they register online in Web for Students. Discontinued.
  • Look Up network/e-mail account information for students
    This form enables students to retrieve their network account user ID and password.  All currently enrolled students are assigned a university account, which is their official university email address. The account also enables them to access Blackboard for online courses, and other resources on the campus network.
  • Declaration of Major
    Under graduate students are required to declare or change their major online. An automated approval process was added in the fall of 2006.
  • Automatic E-mail notifications about new SCT Banner information
    Faculty and staff can request to be added to the e-mail list. Discontinued.
  • SCT Banner Training Schedule
  • Quick Submit form for the ITTS Student Techs for Online Work order System, FootPrints.
  • Computer Equipment Enquiry form
    In order to better serve the students technology needs, ITTS asks the students to submit information about their personal computers that they bring on campus.
  • ITTS Helpdesk customer survey results
    When a Footprints work order has been completed, the client is asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey.  The survey results are presented in a dynamic graph.
  • Campus printer inventory - ITTS Networking unit
    This form was designed to let faculty and staff retrieve information about all the printers located in specific buildings. Discontinued.
  • Internal ITTS staff survey
  • Internal ITTS Purchase Order Request
    Purchase orders are filled out in an Adobe Acrobat form and then uploaded to FootPrints, where additional information is added.  This  process enables the Department to pull dynamic reports of the status of all or individual PO'.
  • ITTS Student Technicians Job Application
    This application requires the student applicant to upload a resume.
  • ITTS Student Technicians Dynamic FAQs
    This form enables the Student Techs to post and search for questions and answers in a FAQ data base.
  • Charles W. Chesnutt Library Customer Survey
    Survey results (to include dynamic graphs) for internal use only.
  • Print Shop Work Order System
    This form was designed for the Print Shop to help expedite work orders for departments, as well as for tracking purposes.
  • Student Support Services - Peer Tutor Application
  • Educational Talent Search - Effective Fall 2003 - Program Application Form
  • Upward Bound Program - Program Application Form
  • Fayetteville Small Business Center - In partnership with Fayetteville State University
    Request for Counseling Form
  • Fayetteville Small Business Center - In partnership with Fayetteville State University
    Tenant Application Form

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