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Language Lab - Butler Building

SMART Classrooms are your tool for more effective and efficient teaching. Our goal is to standardize all multimedia equipment in every classroom to allow faculty to have the same technical control and capabilities no matter where they are teaching on campus.

This website will assist you in operating the equipment located in the SMART Classrooms. Faculty is encouraged to attend training sessions and refer to this website for instructions and updates. One-on-one training is offered almost anytime; just call ITTS in advance to schedule your individualized session. It may also be helpful to refer to the How-To section of this website and

For Your Information

Due to recent projector, PC, mouse, keyboard, and monitor thefts on campus, several security methods have been implemented with each of the SMART Classrooms. Ensure a smooth transition to teaching in these classrooms by having your FSU ID card programmed to open the doors to the rooms you are scheduled to teach in.


SMART Classrooms contain the following equipment:

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