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Benefits of Smart Technology

- Take notes on a variety of digital mediums.
With the ease of a pen stroke add your own notations to websites, MS Word documents, Adobe PDF files, PowerPoint slides, and videos – if you can display it on the SMART Sympodium setup, you can make it your own!

- Save your notes for your future reference.
Remember the time you had a brainstorm in class and wrote it out on the blackboard? The students took notes from it, but by the end of class the next professor was at the door and all you could do was hope you’d be able to remember your ideas later as you erased your hard work. Now with the click of a mouse button you can save your notes without having to rewrite them!

- After you have saved your notes you can organize them with ease on your own computer.
Have you ever gone searching for your notes from 2 semesters ago because they would be the PERFECT addition to a new lecture you are creating? Unless you are an extremely organized person, your notes are somewhere, but you cannot find them! With your digitally saved notes you can look them up via folder, name, date, or program.

- You can provide exact class notes to an absent student or a student looking for extra help – via the internet!
Students miss classes - that’s inevitable - but now students don’t have to miss the lecture! You can post the digital notes to your faculty website, Blackboard, or send them via email to your absent student. By the next class there is no reason that everyone is not on the same page.

Be creative with this technology:
 - You can begin the creation of online courses!
After you have made notes on your PowerPoint presentation you can save it and use it next semester as a broadcasted file for online students to learn from.

The possibilities are endless!

This technology is only here to help you so don’t be afraid to try it out!

If you need some extra help or want to try something new with this technology call
(910) 672-HELP for one-on-one or group assistance.

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