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Document Cameras

Elmo 1500XGThe document cameras (also known as Elmo or ProMax visual presenters) are the most versatile piece of presentation equipment! At the top of the main arm is a high resolution digital camera that can photograph anything it is aimed at. That image can be saved as a .jpeg and inserted into your presentation for future reference. With the new ProMax DG800's you can also record .avi videos.

This equipment can be used for more than text; you can also display items such as rocks, worms, computer memory cards, or any item you want to get close to and show your students. It has even been used in our science department for live feeds of dissections!*

*Please place wet items in a bowl or on a tray before putting them under the camera. Thank you!



Examples of usage:

  • Use instead of whiteboard or chalkboard by placing paper on stage and writing on it to project onto screen;
  • Display textbook pages or share an article you found in a magazine or newspaper;
  • Share illustrations or photos from a bound journal;
  • Display small 3D objects;
  • Use as a video camera to demonstrate procedures or show small items on the projection screen;
  • Use to display your old transparencies.

Your imagination is your only limit!

Click on the different document camera models for the manufacture's product description:


ELMO 5100XG ProMax DG600
ELMO 8000SX ProMax DP580
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