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Smart Podium

Podium FrontThe podiums in the SMART Classrooms have been custom made for FSU!

They are equipped with a Sympodium Monitor, an ELMO or ProMax Document Camera, a VCR, an Audio Amplifier, ceiling or wall mounted speakers, and an HP computer equipped with a DVD drive.

The podiums are also equipped with a VGA connector to allow faculty to connect their laptop to the system. You will need a monitor cable (VGA) in order to do this (They are not provided on the lecterns). Once connected, you will be able to switch between the computer and laptop in order to choose the video source that will be displayed using the projector.





Podium BackLaptop Projection:

  • To project your laptop video, strike SCROLL LOCK twice and then 2 on the top PC keyboard (not the numeric keypad).
  • To switch back to the computer, strike SCROLL LOCK twice and then 1 (not on numeric keypad).

Be aware that the projector is set to turn off after 90 minutes. If you are using a laptop or the document camera, move the mouse on the lectern's PC to avoid the projector displaying its screen saver.





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