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Interactive Screen

Touch the screen with the pen tool to control computer applications or write in digital ink.

Sympodium ID 250 Sympodium ID 350
Sympodium ID 250 Sympodium ID 450

Battery-free Tethered Pen

PenThe pen is securely attached to the console and where you need it. And no battery means no maintenance or downtime.




Sympodium pen tools

The Pen-tools

Use the pen-tool buttons on the console to change ink color quickly or activate the eraser without launching software and crowding the screen with extra toolbars. 

Sympodium functions buttons

The Function Buttons

Use function buttons for quick access to common functions such as accessing the On-Screen Keyboard, the Smart Notebook, the Capture Tools, the Floating Toolbar, and a "Right Mouse Button" function for the Tethered Pen.

Smart board software

SMART Board Software

Add even more features and flexibility to your interactive whiteboard session. Customize settings, type with the On-Screen Keyboard, write over digital video and much more. Features include LinQ™ software, Start Center, SMART Video Player, SMART Recorder, Floating Tools, Spotlight, and an On-screen Keyboard.




NotebookNotebook Software

Create, organize and save notes, drawings and screen captures. Access thousands of free images and templates, interactive and educational content, advanced drawing tools and more from an easy-to-use interface.




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