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Environment Rules

The Foreign Language Lab is funded by Title III grant. Once it is damaged, there is no replacement. Therefore we need to work together to make this university property serve us as long as its lifespan permits. Please use the lab with a great care and make sure:

  1. Don’t allow smoking, eating, or drinking in the Lab.*
  2. Prohibit food and drink containers in the Lab.*
  3. Notify the Lab in advance or as soon as it is convenient if you need to cancel your Lab use.
  4. Don’t alter or install software on the system.*
  5. Don’t move lab equipment or cables.*
  6. Don’t let your students help with Instructor Station software. Please ask Lab Assistant or Director for help.
  7. Leave the Lab clean after each use.*
  8. Enforce the lab rules and monitor student behaviors.

*Rules have been posted in and outside the Lab.

Thank you!

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