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Lab Rules

  1. Eating candy, food, chips, etc.
  2. Drinking coffee, water, sodas, fruit juices, colas, etc.
  3. Applying make-up, lotions, or combing, braiding hair.
  4. Moving around the lab without permission.
  5. Congregating in front of the door before lab ends, stay in your seat.
  6. Applying nail polish.
  7. Profanity.
  8. Accessing the Internet without instructor permission.
  9. Offending sites are to be seen on your computer screen at any time.
  10. Unauthorized Music and Movie CD’s.
  11. Unapproved electronic devices in the labs.
  1. Keep your work area clean.
  2. Respect your fellow students by staying in your seat, and staying on task.
  3. Report damage to computer equipment when found.
  4. Do not write on tables, chairs, mouse pads or any other object in lab.
  1. Instructors must stay in the lab with the students if the lab is booked for class;
  2. Instructors are responsible for enforcing the lab rules, monitoring internet usage
    and student behavior.
  3. The Lab Assistant is responsible for enforcing lab rules and making sure the
    equipment is not damaged.
  4. Music is allowed if needed for a class or part of software programs.

First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Sending out of the lab.
If a student continues to cause problems s/he will be reported to the instructor and
the Department Head.

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