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Mission Statement

The mission of the Fayetteville State University’s Foreign Language Lab is to support the study of world languages, literatures, and cultures through the integration of technology and classroom teaching for student success and faculty academic achievement.

Foreign Language Lab is built to support the internationalization education at Fayetteville State University and to strengthen the academic support. As a part of International Education Center in the division of Academic Affairs, the lab functions as a student and faculty support unit. It provides audio, video, language learning system, computer facilities and equipment for language teaching and learning, assists in the preparation of instructional materials, and offers training and consultation to faculty with the application of new language instructional technologies.

Moreover, the Lab works intensively with faculty and teaching fellows in the collection, development, and utilization of audio, video, and computer materials in the lab.

Through the collaboration with ITTS, the lab assists faculty to create, develop, and implement the highest quality of teaching and learning environments in the study of languages, literatures, and cultures. By engaging human, informational, and technological resources, the lab provides a center of activity that:

  • enables ready access to the resources and technology that students need in the learning world languages;
  • helps faculty adapt or invent new approaches in teaching and learning through technology support;
  • provides an understanding of the appropriate role of information and technology in the teaching and learning of world languages;
  • locates or arranges faculty-development resources for teaching and learning of world languages; and
  • supports opportunities for research in the scholarship of teaching and learning of world languages through technology support systems.

We are a professional and language learning support unit at the Fayetteville State University. We work together with the related departments and units to support student achievement and faculty success. We agree that it is important to demonstrate the following behaviors in our daily interactions with one another.

We will:

  • strive for integrity, promoting relationships of mutual trust, confidence, and respect;
  • provide high levels of service to both student and faculty users;
  • ensure information is shared in a relevant and timely manner;
  • identify and acknowledge problems and challenges and work together to address and resolve them;
  • and acknowledge each other’s contributions.

The mission of the Lab will be achieved through the following measurable goals:

  • Increase the student and faculty usage of the lab’s equipment and services;
  • Maintain the lab as a state-of-the-art language learning center;
  • Improve overall effectiveness and efficiency of the lab’s management and operations;
  • Support research and development projects by current students and faculty; and
  • Develop partnerships with more departments and schools to accelerate the process of internationalized education.
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